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Propane Thornton Pennsylvania

Thornton is an unincorporated community spanning Thornbury Township, Concord Township , Middletown Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. The George W. Hill Correctional Facility is located in both the townships of Thornbury and Concord, but it has a Thornton postal address. In colonial times, Thornton was nicknamed “Yellow House'' after the poplar inn and tavern opened up in 1750. The Yellow House has been used for many different things, including a post office, general store, hair salon, textile factory, and a grocery store. It was owned originally by George Pearce and one important customer was George Gray. Gray was the owner of the Grays Ferry which went over the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia. 

 If you are a history buff, you might enjoy the Thornton Village Historic District. Acknowledged in the National Register of Historic Places in 2006, this landscape includes incredibly well preserved buildings dating back to 1750-1855! The district has 13 buildings that make it up, and they include a commercial building, several residences, a converted blacksmith shop, a converted barn, three stables or carriage houses, and two frame sheds. The houses include the Isaac Pyle House (built in 1777), the Caleb Hoopes House (built in 1790), The Blacksmith House (built by Joseph Moore in 1805), the Beebe House (built around 1851), and the William D. Pennell House (built around 1850).

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