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Propane Upper Darby Pennsylvania

Upper Darby is a home rule township, in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, with a whooping population of about 82,800 residents! The township has a number of different housing types and it is actually the sixth most populous municipality in the entire state of Pennsylvania. Upper Darby borders Pennsylvania, on land formerly inhabited by the Lenape Tribal Nation for hundreds of years, until war and devastating epidemics made their population dwindle. Upper Darby is also home to over 100 different ethnic cultures. Anyone can find a place in Upper Darby because of how open and diverse it is. No matter your culture, there is a place for you in Upper Darby. 

If the arts are what you are into, then you are in luck! The Tower Theater, located in Terminal Square at the intersection of 69th and Ludlow Street, was originally a movie theater in the 20s, then reopened as a concert venue in the 70s, hosting acts like the late great David Bowie and comedian and Daily Show host, Trevor Noah! Another great place to visit is the Upper Darby Art Gallery in the Highland Park neighborhood. Opened in 2018, this gallery features local, national and international artists and works, as well as art classes.

But what else is there to enjoy in Upper Darby Township? A ton of things, but most importantly, Gastec! Our propane company is able to help out residents all over the state of Pennsylvania, and Upper Darby is no exception. Here are some reasons why you should be turning to us for your propane needs.  

  • We deliver! You heard that right! Following Covid guidelines and social distancing rules, we can bring your propane right to your door. You won’t even have to come out of the house, we've got you covered.
  •  We have residential and commercial propane. So not only can we help you out in your home, we can help you in your commercial building too! Residential propane and commercial propane have their differences, but luckily, we’re experts in both of them, and our staff is always ready to help you tell the difference and answer any questions you may have. Which leads us into our next point.
  • We have amazing customer service! Our staff is willing to answer any of your questions. 
  • Following that last point, we want you to have the best price you possibly can too. Our prices go against the other companies in Pennsylvania so that you get the best price you can.