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Propane Willingboro, New Jersey

Willingboro Township is a township in Burlington County, New Jersey as well as a suburb of Philadelphia. Originally called Wellingborough, the township was one of the originals in Burlington County. Wellingborough was sparsely populated throughout the early 18th century. The most prominent part-time inhabitant of Wellingborough during this era was Sir William Franklin. He was the son of Benjamin Franklin, and the last Royal British Governor of New Jersey. He built a summer mansion and deer park in Wellingborough. Post-World War II development would change Wellingborough forever. Soldiers returning from the war created a demand for new housing at affordable prices. This demand coupled with changing industrial growth patterns led to the growth of the suburbs.' William Levitt was one of the leading developers of new homes in this era. In 1959, the population or Wellingborough was approximately 10,000 people. That year a referendum vote was held. The residents, by a margin of 80 votes, changed the name of the township to Levittown. However, in 1963 a referendum changed the name to Willingboro. Willingboro Township has proved to be a community of caring citizens of diverse racial, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, actively involved in working toward the betterment of the town.

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