Pros/Cons of Converting from Electric Heat to Gas Heating

If you’re in the market for replacing your old heating system, you may want to consider propane heating. There are several home heating sources to choose from, including natural gas, oil, wood, electric, and propane. But given how expensive oil can be and the limited availability of natural gas, selecting propane as your home heating system is one of the most economically efficient options. Today we’ll highlight the pros and cons of switching from electric heat to propane gas heating.

What Are the Pros of Switching From Electric to Propane?

Does your home have an electric heating system? Have you wondered if there’s a more efficient and affordable way to heat your home? If you answered “yes” to these questions, you’re in luck; propane gas home heating has many advantages over traditional electric heat. 

More Affordable

Because propane is efficient, it costs less to operate. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating a home with propane costs far less than an electric system. What’s even better? Many credits and incentives are available for high-efficiency propane furnaces in new construction and system replacements. 

Better Performance

Did you know a propane furnace heats the air to about 140 degrees Fahrenheit? An electric heat pump produces heat at about 98 degrees Fahrenheit. Heating your home with propane offers a more consistent and comfortable warmth. 

More Versatile

Making the switch from electric heat to propane gas is not only more affordable and better performing, but it’s also more versatile. In addition to heating your home, propane can be used for other appliances like ovens, dryers, and water heaters. 

More Reliable

No more panicking when the power goes out! Propane can be stored safely in a tank on your property, while electricity can go out when bad storms take down power lines.

Longer Lifespan

Systems running on propane typically have a longer life expectancy than their electric counterparts. Propane heaters also require almost zero maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about annual maintenance costs.  


Propane is a clean, non-toxic, non-poisonous fuel insoluble in water. It doesn’t spill, pool, or leave behind any residue, and it poses zero threats to soil or groundwater because it’s released as a gas. Propane has very low volatility, meaning it requires extremely high temperatures to ignite.

What Are the Cons of Switching From Electric to Propane?

Although propane has several advantages over other electric heat, it does have a few cons. Propane can be harder to source if you live in an area where it is scarce. The upfront expense of installing a propane furnace is also pricier than most heating systems, costing between $3,000 and $5,000. 

Home Heating Systems by GasTec

Are you ready to make the switch? It’s easy! Propane heat only requires a furnace and propane tank installation. And heating your home isn’t limited to just a furnace-style heater. Propane can also be used in a boiler system or wall-mounted units. If your heating system is getting old or requires frequent repairs, consider switching to propane today! Contact the propane experts at GasTec at 888-449-3585 to learn more.

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