Propane Near Annadale New Jersey Summer is Here Are you tired of being overcharged for your propane purchases or refills? In Annadale New Jersey, most people have grills or some sort of patio or portable grill that requires propane. If you live in Annadale New Jersey, Gastec offers a cheaper solution. According to the Hearth, […]

Top Ways to Save This Holiday Season

Thanksgiving came and went, which means one thing’s for sure— the holidays are right around the corner. The holiday season is a busy time of year and most homeowners could use some extra money in their pockets for holiday gifts and activities. Here are some tips to help you save money and energy this season. […]

Residential Propane: What You Need to Know

Residential propane use is on the rise, as a lot of households are realizing the many benefits of this energy source. This clean-burning, safe, and cost-efficient fuel is used by 48 million households for water and space heating, cooking, clothes drying, and backup power. Whether you’re a current propane user or thinking about making the […]

GasTec Voted Best in Heating by Bucks County Locals

GasTec, a full-service propane provider serving Bucks County, PA and the nearby areas, recently earned two designations dubbing the company as the best in heating in Bucks County. GasTec was named Best of Heating Fuel on the Best of Bucks list, as well as Best of Heating and Cooling on the Bucks Happening List for […]

New Ways Towns and Districts are Making the Switch to Propane

Propane Lawn Mowers In August, a Chicago Area Clean Cities workshop focused on propane lawn mowers as the future of environmentally responsible lawn care. According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, an environmental policy analyst for the Chicago Department of Transportation reported that the current low emission standards for lawn mowers mean that they […]

4 Surprising Facts about Propane

Propane companies in Bucks County have been getting a lot of business recently because more and more residents are embracing the use of propane in their homes. Thanks to the natural gas industry boom that the state and other surrounding areas are going through, propane and other gases have never been more affordable. Despite the […]

Going Green to Save Some Green

The idea of making your home and life completely eco-friendly can be more than a little daunting. However, once you realize that your carbon footprint is literally as deep as your wallet, you might find your current spending to be far more overwhelming. Being resource conscious is known to be financially beneficial, not just in […]