Propane Near Annadale New Jersey Summer is Here   Are you tired of being overcharged for your propane purchases or refills? In Annadale New Jersey, most people have grills or some sort of patio or portable grill that requires propane. If you live in Annadale New Jersey, Gastec offers a cheaper solution. According to […]

The Many Surprising Uses of Propane Gas

If you are living in Montgomery County, you may have heard that propane is a good option. But option for what? To many people, propane is something you use to power your barbeque and that’s about it. However, propane actually has a variety of home and business uses, and is even used to power fleets […]

Why Using Propane in Pennsylvania Is a Step in the Right Direction

  Propane usage, much like any other progressive trend, is rapidly increasing and thriving more than ever in today’s modern world. You may be wondering what is fueling the recent interest in propane, since this particular type of gas has existed since the early 1900s. Science has given propane a breath of life in recent […]

Survive Summer with 3 Simple Tips for your Home

What do you think the average Montgomery County resident is thinking about right now? After the long, harsh winter residents experienced, most are probably more than happy to go outside and enjoy the much overdue warmth and snow-free weather. Summer can be a season full of vacations and fun, but it can also be stressful […]

Why Montgomery County Prefers Propane

If you live in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, then you’ve seen plenty of propane delivery service trucks go by. Propane is a major fuel source around the County, but if you don’t use propane yourself, you might wonder why everyone else is so keen. Here are a few of the reasons: Quick & Easy Heat – […]