Top 5 Advantages of Residential Propane

Propane is one of the best in-home fuels, and has been touted for years as a low-cost, reliable option for heating. And more and more people are looking into residential propane service. Why? Here are five of the biggest reasons:


1.  It’s environmentally friendly – Propane is actually an incredibly earth-friendly fuel. In the U.S., the Environmental Protection Agency has ruled that propane gas is a non-contaminant. It is non-toxic and non-caustic, meaning it’s safe to handle and be around, and it does not pollute the air, the land or your groundwater—neither in its gas form, nor during burning. In fact, many localities consider propane a green energy.

2.  It’s affordable – In addition to being environmentally friendly, propane is a relatively inexpensive fuel to use. A residential propane service can often deliver propane to your home and keep your tank refilled for less than the cost of competing fuels such as oil. Propane burning devices are also competitively priced and reliable. Considering its tremendous versatility, propane is one of the best investments you can make in your home.

3.  Propane heat is highly efficient – When you’re heating your home in the winter, you want to get the most out of your fuel. If any of it is wasted, it means you are throwing money away. Propane burners are among the most efficient heaters possible, typically using their fuel with over 90% efficiency. As a comparison, oil heaters run at around 80% efficiency. Oil heaters also tend to lose efficiency throughout the season, unless they receive continuous maintenance, whereas clean-burning propane keeps its efficiency long term. Considering that oil typically costs more to start with, is there any good reason not to go with propane?

4.  Propane heat warms you up more, faster – The intense warmth that comes from a propane heater makes a noticeable difference when you need to warm up fast. There’s nothing worse than coming in from a cold day, cranking up the heat in the house… and still feeling cold for a half hour or an hour more. You’ll notice that most thermostats max out at less than 100 degrees, but the hot air created by a propane heating system can come out at up to 120 degrees. That means you can choose to make your home toasty warm in minutes.

5.  Propane makes an easy add-on – One of the benefits to residential propane service is that it’s easy to install at low cost. For instance, let’s say you install an outdoor hot tub or want your pool heated. Do you really want to pay thousands of dollars to have gas or electric extended out to the yard? A propane heating unit can be installed cheaply and a residential propane service means it will never run out of fuel.

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