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Switch to Propane Before the Warm Weather Goes Away!

There are a number of good reasons to switch to a propane company in Montgomery County on an average day, from the better rates to the environmental friendliness. At GasTec, we know that better than anyone! However, there are some particularly compelling reasons to make the switch during the summer and early fall. Here are some of the factors that make now the best time to convert your heating system over:


1.  More Scheduling Time – In the summer, your home heating needs will be practically nonexistent and your hot water heater will be under significantly less pressure. Thus, you will have some leisure time to decide about updating your system that you may not have if your old setup goes in the middle of winter. Because there are fewer people who are desperate to replace their heating systems in summer, there is less demand for services, installations, and repairs. What this means for you is that we are in a better position to visit you and set up an installation schedule at your convenience than we might be at other, more demanding times of year.

2.  Prices Are Lower in Summer – For reasons of supply and demand, propane often comes at lower rates when the weather is warm. In consequence, setting up a new system and getting your propane tank filled now will represent the best value for your money. If you wait much longer, the prices will rise again for the season, and you will have to contemplate whether converting is worth it in winter. Speaking of which . . .

3.  You Don’t Want to Be Stuck in Transition when the Weather Turns – There are very few things that are as unpleasant or uncomfortable as having no heat or inadequate heat when it’s 22° outside. And Pennsylvania is known for having cold and sometimes even harsh winters. The last thing that you want is to wait until your current system finally conks out, leaving you with few options and possible last-minute scheduling issues. Having the work done should never feel like a disagreeable thing that you have to put up with – no matter how happy you are with the end result!

Still on the fence about whether propane is right for you? If you find yourself hesitating, call or contact us at GasTec today. We can explain the benefits of our service and how it will work in your home!

A Master of Disguise: How to Conceal your Propane

While many homeowners appreciate propane as a reliable and cost-effective fuel option, we understand that sometimes the presence of a propane tank isn’t as appreciated. The truth is that propane tanks, whether above-ground or partially underground, don’t always seamlessly fit in with your yard’s aesthetic, and for many, these tanks can become outright eyesores.  However, we’ve found that there are a number of ways to make propane tanks a little more appealing, ensuring homeowners continue to want to reap the many benefits of powering their homes with propane. Consider the following ways to conceal your propane tank.

  1. Shape up with Shrubs

One of the easiest ways to conceal an above-ground propane tank is by planting dense shrubs and bushes, like juniper and photinia bushes; these will typically grow to at least six feet and thus can effectively conceal your tank. When landscaping around your propane tank, it’s important to plant shrubs and bushes about 5 feet away from your tank to ensure they don’t crowd the tank. You’ll also need to leave an entryway for easy access to the tank when it’s time for a refill so that your landscaping doesn’t get trampled. By landscaping with thriving, colorful shrubs and bushes, you’ll not only be hiding your propane tank, but you’ll be adding an attractive element to your yard.

  1. Form a Fence Facade

Other homeowners opt for simple vinyl or wooden fences to obstruct the view of their above-ground propane tanks. These fences, usually crafted in a lattice style (although there are countless designs that look great), are relatively inexpensive and can be installed by homeowners themselves. As with the addition of shrubs and bushes, it’s also essential to leave enough room for a propane refill when installing a fence. Additionally, be sure to avoid constructing a complete enclosure, as this restricts the ventilation needed to disperse potentially dangerous propane fumes.

Key Tip: Before you get out the paint cans and brushes, note that propane tanks must remain in the manufacturer’s color, which is typically gray or white.

Propane Tank Rock Cover

Photo courtesy Times Union.

  1. Rock Out with Rocks

For a more creative alternative, consider a rock cover for your propane tank. These covers are designed to look like authentic boulders and can be placed over the entirety of your above-ground propane tank, which, as you’d assume, means they’re very large. Though these rock covers can come at a steep price, they might be a good option for those interested in a year-round solution that doubles as a rain and snow cover to guard against rust and deterioration.

  1. Fix It Up with a Flower Bed

For homeowners with underground tanks, consider adding a flower bed around or above the propane tank, leaving the dome accessible. This is perhaps the easiest and most aesthetically-pleasing way to disguise the patch of yard near your underground propane tank. Just remember to stick with flowers and other plants with small roots (in other words, don’t plant a tree above your propane tank) and keep in mind that should service to the body of your propane tank ever be warranted, your flower bed will likely be disrupted.

In need of a new above-ground or underground propane tank? Contact GasTec today, one of the most successful and respected propane companies in PA!