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Along with our extremely competitive propane prices, we also offer a few different programs that may help you save money throughout the year.

GasTec Payment Program Options

Propane is a highly efficient, cost-effective, non-toxic, environmentally friendly fuel source. And 97% of propane comes from North America, of which, 90% percent of propane is produced in the United States.


Pre-Buy (or Pre-purchase) programs offer the greatest savings out of all of our special pricing plans.

Historically, propane prices are lower during the summer months. Our Propane Pre-Buy program allows you to take advantage of these lower prices by purchasing your gallons for winter in advance. Allow us to assist you in your buying decision by helping to determine the number of gallons appropriate for your needs.


Budget programs offer a way to spread out propane costs evenly over a period of time.

By considering your average annual propane gallons used and the estimated market rate, we will calculate your projected annual cost. This cost is then broken into ten equal monthly payments. If necessary, budget plans can be adjusted to account for variances from estimated amounts. 


Fixed Rate (or Lock-In) programs offer one price all season long for price protection comfort.

Similar to the Pre-Buy plan, a Fixed Rate plan also allows you to take advantage of historically lower summer pricing.  Prices are slightly higher than that of a Pre-Buy but without the upfront payment in full. 

gastric payment plan

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