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Choosing a heat source for your home can sometimes be overwhelming. There are a number of options to choose from, including natural gas, oil, wood, electric, and, of course, propane. But given the rising cost of oil and the limited availability of natural gas, many people are making the switch to propane, one of the most cost economically efficient options to choose from.


We love our customers, and they love us!  And we want to make sure that all of your family and friends who also use propane are just as satisfied as you! As a thank you for any kind words you may have for GasTec, when your family member or friend calls to start a new service with us, make sure they mention your name. Once we have either installed a propane system or fill them up for the first time, we will apply a referral credit to your account up to $100 for each new customer! And there’s no limit to how many referral credits we’ll apply!  

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