Propane is an environmentally friendly fuel that is reliable, versatile, and an affordable alternative fuel choice for government vehicles. Whether it be a school bus system, police department, or local government motor pool, switching to propane can help to increase an engine’s lifespan and reduce maintenance costs and harmful emissions. Transform your fleet today and join the 300,000 vehicles on the road in the US that are fueled by propane! 


Did you know propane is the third most commonly used engine fuel in the world, just behind gasoline and diesel? It’s no surprise that this environmentally friendly fuel is so popular, in fact, there are over 2,000 public propane autogas refueling stations nationwide to accommodate the growing surplus! Because it’s so widely available, it has become a popular choice in the public sector, powering vehicles owned by local and national governments. On top of increasing an engine’s lifespan and the financial benefits, propane has several other advantages, specifically involving the environment. Below we highlight why many local governments have converted their vehicle fleets to propane:  

  • Clean – Cut harmful emissions in your community with your fleet of propane-fueled vehicles! Propane autogas vehicles have a significantly smaller footprint on the environment compared to gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles, emitting 12% less carbon dioxide, 60% less carbon monoxide, and 20% less nitrogen oxide. Additionally, your state, municipality, or government vehicle is reported to be 50% quieter than diesel trucks or buses, ensuring a more pleasant ride for everyone. In addition to these environmental benefits to propane, it’s also clean burning, meaning it creates 60-70% less smog-producing hydrocarbons than gasoline. 

  • Safe – Ensure the safety of everyone with propane autogas. Propane has the lowest flammability range of any alternative fuel. Because it is classified as a non-toxic, non-caustic gas by the EPA, it is the best choice for environmentally conscious individuals. 

  • Long-lasting – Enjoy the long-lasting benefits of a propane field vehicle! Vehicles that run on propane require less oil than diesel-fueled vehicles. Because of this, you’ll find your auto needs less maintenance, allowing your engine to last longer. 

  • Easy and convenient refueling – Autogas refueling stations are much less expensive to install when compared to Compressed Natural Gas, and propane refueling stations also cost less to operate since they use less electricity. 

  • Proven – Regardless if you’re converting light or medium-duty vehicles, propane vehicles are proven to get the job done. 

  • Rebates – Enjoy the many state and federal rebates available for propane-fueled vehicles. 


Drive down your bottom line when you explore the environmental benefits to propane for your government vehicles! At GasTec, we are a trusted and reliable company that has converted several fleets in Bucks County, Montgomery County, Chester County, Delaware County, Lehigh County, Philadelphia County, PA and most of Central Jersey! Our experience working with state, government, and municipal fleets allows us to confidently say we are one of the premier propane vehicle conversion companies in our area. If you’re ready to switch to propane, connect with us at 888-449-3585 to learn more.

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