Understanding Your Delivery Ticket

At each delivery, a copy of a propane delivery ticket will be left for you. This is your invoice. A pre-addressed envelope will also be left for your convenience to mail with your payment. Payments can also be made online or over the phone.

Choosing a heat source for your home can sometimes be overwhelming. There are a number of options to choose from, including natural gas, oil, wood, electric, and, of course, propane. But given the rising cost of oil and the limited availability of natural gas, many people are making the switch to propane, one of the most cost economically efficient options to choose from.

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Use this guide for a breakdown of what the different parts of your propane invoice mean.  Depending on the service/type of propane equipment that is at your house, you may notice a difference between tickets.  These tickets provide the same basic information regarding your delivery.

  1. Delivery Address: The Propane bulk drivers will use this address to find your house/business.
  2. Fuel Type: This is the delivery location’s propane product.
  3. Billing Address: If you like, we can have paper invoices or email invoices also sent to you.
  4. Instructions: This section will let our propane driver know any specific details about your delivery–if there is a gate that needs to be unlocked, dogs in the yard, or any other notes.  Also in this box will be what the propane is used for. Some of the common initials here are: HH= Home Heating, BH= Backup Heating, HW= Hot Water, Gen= Generator, PH= Pool Heating, FP= Fireplace, CT= Cooking. Other initials would be CM, TH, FL. These relate to commercial propane uses. Commercial, Temp Heating, and Forklifts.
  5. Account: This is your account number followed by the location number (-1, -2, etc).  201972 is this account number -1 is the location number. Some customers have more than one propane set up at their house, or even multiple properties. By having more than one location tied to a customer, we can have one main billing account to make your billing more convenient.
  6. Phone: These are the first two phone numbers we have on file for this specific delivery location.
  7. Date Last: These are the last three delivery dates followed by the number of gallons (or cylinders) on those respective dates. This information helps our drivers and route planners to accurately plan your next delivery.
  8. Map/Zone: This is useful information for our drivers to plan their routes day-to-day. This is an internal message.
  9. Fill Location: The fill location is the approximate location of where your tank is located based on a clock face when viewing the front of your house. For example, a 9 refers to 9 o’clock, or the left side.
  10. Ticket No.: This is the delivery ticket/invoice number for this specific delivery.
  11. Delivery Date: This section will be filled in by hand by the propane delivery driver at the time of the delivery.
  12. Number of Tanks/Tank Size: This box will tell our drivers what size and how many propane tanks they are looking for at this specific location. Different propane tank sizes are commonly 120 gallons, 250 gallons, 500 gallons, 1000 gallons or smaller cylinders such as 100 lb tanks. Commercial propane customers may also see the number 33, which refers to forklift cylinders. Our metered propane customers may see a 0, as they do not specifically have a tank for themselves.
  13. Gallons/Tank: This area may be handwritten or pre-printed. Typically, if this area is pre-printed, it will mean that a specific number of gallons or cylinders have been requested ahead of time. If handwritten, we most likely filled up the tanks.
  14. Please Pay this Amount in # Days: This area reflects your payment terms. Your propane delivery payment is due within this many days from the date of the invoice.
  15. FC: Forecasting Type is the area that will tell us what type of delivery cycles your deliveries will be pulled.

Automatic Delivery- Any item with an “A” in the box refers to automatic propane delivery. Automatic deliveries are forecasted based on several conditions such as weather, tank size, degree, days, K Factor, and more. Most of our heating and hot water customers prefer to be an automatic customer to prevent running out of propane.

Scheduled Delivery-SCH stands for “Scheduled.” While automatic deliveries are pulled based on different conditions, scheduled deliveries are based on dates. This type of delivery is most commonly used for commercial customers that need deliveries at frequent and consistent intervals (a restaurant that uses propane may need a delivery every two weeks year-round regardless of weather conditions). Will Call– WC stands for “Will Call.” As a will-call customer, you would be responsible for calling us for a delivery. Will call deliveries typically average about three to five business days from placing the order.

  1. Price: This space shows your price per gallon (or cylinder) for this delivery.
  2. Tax: If applicable, your tax for this delivery will be written here. The tax rate will also be reflected.
  3. Balance: If you have a balance on your account for any propane deliveries or other service work, it will be shown here. If you have a credit on your account for any reason, it will be displayed with a “-” before (i.e. – $5.00).
  4. Special Price Programs: This area will reflect any special propane pricing programs that may be tied to your account.
  5. Additional Charges: This area is used for additional charges that may apply to this delivery. Common items are a HazMat charge and sometimes a service charge for lighting a pilot.
  6. Driver: The initials of the propane driver that made this delivery.
  7. Class: An internal message identifying the type of usage for the propane.
  8. Printed: The date your delivery ticket was printed at our office. This date is typically when the three to five business days will start for a will-call delivery.
  9. Amount: The calculated amount of this delivery’s gallons or cylinders at the current price. This is typically handwritten by our delivery driver.
  10. Subtotal: Subtotal of this delivery and tax
  11. Total: The total of the subtotal and any additional charges.

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