With almost 1 million farms in the United States using propane, it’s become clear that many farmers have recognized the advantages of propane as a clean-burning, reliable and efficient energy.

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Though each farm will have different needs for propane, we’ve included some of the most common uses below.

Weed Control

Utilizing propane to fuel flames and create steam allows farmers to eliminate the use of environmentally harmful chemicals. Through targeting specific areas, farmers can safely destroy weeds that are detrimental to both crops and profit margins. This process removes weeds not by burning them, but by heating them up to a point that the cell structure is damaged and the photosynthesis process is disrupted, causing the weeds to wither and die. An added benefit is that weeds cannot become resistant to this method, unlike herbicides and other chemicals. And since there is no application of toxic herbicides, farmers are able to return to the field immediately.

Crop Drying

Farmers have strict market specifications that their products must meet. Propane-powered drying systems will help farmers meet the moisture content restrictions, while also helping them to attain better prices for these crops. Crop dryers will also serve to limit the fungus and bacteria that could grow on crops, allowing farmers a little more latitude when harvesting. Because of the efficiency of propane, approximately 90% of the propane used is converted into energy. This means lower costs and less waste.

Green Houses

The ability to farm and grow produce year-round is a huge advantage to many, if not all farmers. Incorporating a full functioning greenhouse will allow your local farmer to do just that. Keeping the heat at a very controlled and accurate temperature is key for crops to grow healthy and quickly. The moist heat that propane creates means there’s less of a chance of drying out too early.

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