Bulk Plants/Fill Stations

When your propane needs start to expand past traditional sized tanks or uses, it’s time to contact GasTec about installing a bulk plant for your facility.

GasTec Bulk Plants/Fill Station Options

These larger tank sizes range anywhere from 6,500 gallons all the way to even 90,000-gallon tanks.  It doesn’t matter what you use it for, either. It could be used to heat a large commercial building or as a source of fuel for a water treatment plant or any other purpose. With our hands-on experience with these large tanks, every step will be done in the professional manner you expect.

If you have a facility and the staff that is capable of handling a propane filling station, we can install a filling station system. These propane stations will allow you and your staff to fill up cylinders at your will. These can be for your customers’ 20lb BBQ tanks or your own forklift cylinders. Either way, these systems can be turned into moneymakers for you, by offering a product that your area may be demanding.

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