Pool Heating

Need to heat your pool in PA, NJ, or DE for a special birthday party or your mid-summer barbecue your neighbors look forward to each year? GasTec is here to make installations and service easy for you!

GasTec Residential Pool heating Options

There is a slew of options when it comes to heating your pool, though, as you probably know, some are more efficient and convenient than others.

Solar power is one cost-effective approach, but you have to rely on the sun to generate heat. And, unfortunately, every time you want to swim, you’ll need to roll up and store that bulky cover.

With a propane pool heater, warm water is available at your beck and call. If you want 90-degree water to swim in, it’s just a matter of turning the heater on–just about any time of the year.  And with GasTec’s propane delivery service, it doesn’t get any easier than that, folks!

Warm water has been used to relax muscles, increase blood flow to injured areas and also give independence for people with a number of different conditions. The natural resistance of water is an excellent, low impact exercise. By having an on-demand heated pool, you can make swimming more enjoyable and a suitable, year-round activity.

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