Cooking, Drying, Lighting

Propane is not just used for heating your home or water. Other popular uses for propane include cooking, drying clothes, powering fire pits for entertaining guests, or even decorative, outdoor lighting for your home or business.


Cooking with propane requires more than just a small, 20lb propane tank connected to your barbecue. If you use propane to cook, you will no longer have to wait for your electric burners to warm up. In fact, many people prefer to cook with gas instead of electric, because it’s not uncommon for electric ranges to differ between 25 to 50 degrees from where you think it may be set to as it heats up and then cools down. 

Cook Tops (stoves) are commonly available in a few types-conventional with a standing pilot (always on), conventional with electronic ignition (much safer and not always on), and a sealed burner also with electronic ignitions. Gas ranges will provide a much more consistent heat across the bottom of pans and pots, so there are fewer hot spots and scorching.

Propane ovens are much more precise in temperatures than electric. Another advantage of baking using propane is that propane is a moist type of heat. This added moisture will provide a better quality to your baking–time to enter that apple pie into a contest!


Propane dryers will help you get your laundry done faster–do you really need any more convincing? Because propane dryers heat up much faster than electric dryers, your time waiting around for the towel to dry will be cut down.  Also, since propane creates a moist heat, there will be substantially less static cling (no more socks stuck to your pants on the way out the door).  The moist heat will also help to prevent burning and discoloration of your clothes because it’s not going to scorch.

When compared to an electric dryer, on average, your laundry costs will be reduced. 

Many propane dryers now include technology to sense the moisture left in your clothes and shut off when your clothes are dry. By not running just for a determined amount of time, your costs can be cut even further.  Most propane dryers will also have a pilotless ignition, removing the need for a standing pilot light.



In addition to its common uses, propane can also fuel lamps and other types of lights. This gives off a very nice decorative feel and even a subtle security lighting. Lighting up the front of the driveway or along a path welcomes your guests with a warm, lantern look.  

Fire pits give you that camping feels in the comfort of your own backyard. Roast some marshmallows or just enjoy the warm heat on a cool night under the stars. 

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