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Propane’s Proliferation Means Easy Access For Consumers In Need Of Refill Station Services

kIt may be hard to imagine in today’s near limitless world of energy options, but heating your home was once done by a fireplace or coal and that’s about it. If you could chop down a tree, you could keep warm. If you could get a delivery of coal sent to your basement to feed the furnace, you could keep warm. Thankfully for our health and that of our planet, the efficiency of your average residential home has come a long way in the past 100 years.

Even just going back 50 years, those who didn’t have massive amounts of income often found themselves in the row homes of developing cities or single-story simple structures of the suburbs. Heating these structures in more modern times typically fell to electricity, natural gas or oil. Another option consumers could have sought out during these past decades was propane. First discovered around the turn of the last century, propane’s uses soon grew to cooking purposes and for high-concentration cutting.

Propane, an odorless and colorless gas that’s also been deemed non-toxic, offers both residential, business and industrial consumers another option for heat and powering appliances. Readers searching for a propane refill station near me will benefit from the convenient services of your local provider. Propane tanks come in a variety of sizes, from the backyard variety used by retail customers to power grills to 90,000-gallon cylinders. While the former can often be refueled at many walk-in stations, the latter will require a visit from your propane provider to top off the tank. The clientele of propane customers also varies as we make our way up in tank size.

Residential users can benefit from the well-known safety and stability of the substance while work sites can use a propane tank to power a small heater and the industrial sector can benefit from propane by way of larger tanks providing a constant source of fuel. When visiting a propane refill station, be sure to have the safety of your cylinder checked by a professional. Additional services offered by propane companies including setting up delivery services and appointments, offering safety tips on the substance and helping to manage your account.

GasTec Secures Top Honors In Annual ‘Bucks Happening’ Contest For Second Year In A Row

As residential propane continues to gain in popularity and its uses become more diverse, retail providers are continuously faced with new questions, customers and concerns. It’s thus a testament to the services and skills of GasTec that the Ivyland, Pennsyvania-based company has for the second year in a row received top honors in the annual “Bucks Happening” contest.

GasTec was recently announced as the overall winner in the “Home” category for “heating fuel” providers, beating out another finalist and two nominees in the process. More than 150,000 people voted last year in the contest that’s organized by Bucks Happening, which is the premier digital magazine that’s locally owned and operated and covers Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Bucks Happening offers lifestyle, financial and entertainment news to the region that more than 620,000 people call home, according to U.S. Census figures. That population represents a lot of households and for readers researching propane companies in PA, they are sure to benefit from services provided by GasTec.

GasTec, which has more than three generations of propane knowledge backing up its business model, has been in operation for more than six decades and also serves customers in southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. For residential customers, Gas Tec offers planning assistance for homeowners considering making the switch to propane as source for heating their homes, using it to power their dryers, to warm their backyard pools or fuel barbecues.

Not only is propane considered a highly effective and cost-efficient fuel source, the Environmental Protection Agency has deemed it a “non-contaminant” since it’s non-toxic and won’t harm the  environment. For those in the commercial sector with propane needs, GasTec can offer industrial-sized propane tanks to provide the power you need to run a large-scale operation. From tanks holding 100 gallons all the way up to massive 90,000-gallon cylinders, GasTec can get you the right equipment to fit you needs. On the work site, propane can be used as a heat source for crews who need to warm up from the cold and rain during a construction process.

Clearly, the capabilities of propane application in the residential and commercial sector are diverse. More importantly, they can be a cost-saver when compared to the legacy fuel sources that are often far from earth-friendly. For more information on propane companies in PA, call GasTec at 888-449-3585.


Propane Perks Abound But Residential Users Should Be Aware Of Price, Maintenance Issues

The perks of residential propane are indisputable: This versatile and clean-burning gas can be used to heat the home, dry clothing and cook dinner. Moreover, its reputation as the gas that fueled a million backyard barbecues is being quickly replaced as an earth-friendly alternative to traditional oil or electric heating. With residential propane prices now hovering around $2 per gallon, a walk-in business refill station cuts out the middle man and lets you get in, out and on your way. For homeowners who’ve switched over to propane as the means of powering their home, the decision does carry a number of logistical procedures to be aware of.

kGenerally, walk-in fill stations allow for users to transport and fill their own propane tanks during regular business hours. At these facilities, members of the public can bring their barbecue grill tanks, 30-pound and even up to the 100-pound varieties. Vehicles that run off propane, as well as mobile homes and campers who utilize the gas, are also often able to swing through filling stations. During these on-site visits however, special attention should be placed on the tank itself. Inspecting these vessels is crucial to ensure their safety and longevity. Employees of established propane providers know what signs to look for during inspection and can certify the safety of said tanks. There are also typically tanks for sale at the business to replace any out-of-date canisters that present a danger if re-used.

When it comes to refilling on the larger scale, home delivery is also a factor for tanks positioned either above or below ground. Clearly, transporting such tanks to a walk-in retail fill station isn’t an option so propane companies will make house calls similar to heating oil companies. The size of the tanks and frequency of usage will dictate how often re-fill visits will need to take place, but this is an arrangement that can be worked out with your energy provider.

As with traditional gasoline, industry experts say the price of propane will fluctuate based off of market signals. It’s also largely produced in the U.S. and thus a boost to the national economy. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the residential price per gallon of propane hovered around $2.40 throughout much of March 2017. That figure represents a slight increase from a little more than $2 at this time in 2016. According to the EIA, 5 percent of households across the U.S. use propane for residential heating purposes. Those residents, the EIA said in a spring 2017 economic outlook, could this winter expect to pay slightly more than the current price if the weather is warmer than presently predicted.

For those homeowners who’vel made the jump to propane power, the fluctuation in price is part of the process. After all, every utility company bills on personal usage and not a flat fee. For those in the market for propane or prospective homeowners looking at a new place, the current configuration of the home is of considerable attention. While kits for converting traditional appliances to run off propane are available, it’s also a job best left to industry professions with experience installing such conversion devices. Those looking to move into a new place with immediate plans to adopt propane should ask the real estate agency about  the feasibility of doing so. Further, those selling a home with a large propane tank already on site should be able to provide proof of regular inspection.

Residential propane via on-site refills has quickly proven itself as a popular alternative to traditional energy sources. For more information on propane walk-in retail business, call 1-888-449-3585.