4 Common Myths People Believe about Propane

When it comes to forms of energy people use to heat their homes, everyone has their own opinion. Some people swear by some forms because they put in hours of research before they commit to one source. And others simply end up using whatever was installed in the home. When we talk to new customers, we’re surprised about what they claim to know about propane. There’s a lot of misinformation about propane that is presented as a fact to the average person, and those misinterpreted “facts” end up leading to a lot of confusion about what the gas is capable of. We’re going to do you a favor and dispel a lot of so-called facts about using propane.


1.  Propane takes too long too heat

Some people choose not to use propane to heat their homes because they think that it’ll take too long to heat, and usually chalk it up to the equipment and gas. Propane tanks are attached directly to your heating equipment, and that close attachment can create a surprising amount of efficiency in your heating system. The right kind of equipment can provide quick warmth to your home, so if you’re concerned about efficient heating, propane would be the perfect system for you.

2.  Propane is expensive

Cost is one of the main things people are concerned with in terms of their energy usage, and some people tend to shy away from using propane since they believe that it is too expensive. If you’re concerned about energy costs and your monthly bills, propane is your best energy choice. Residential propane prices are extremely affordable, and may even be cheaper than the fuel you’re using now. Propane is a highly efficient gas, so you’ll be getting the most out of your monthly payments.

3.  Propane tanks and systems are big and ugly

This myth is most likely persistent because many people are used to seeing propane grills, and they assume that all propane heating systems look like large and clunky tanks attached to pipes. It’s understandable since it’s estimated that 47 million Americans use propane heating for their grills, but the assertion is still false. There are a wide variety of propane systems available, depending on what they’re needed for. You can have an elegant-looking system for your propane heated fireplace, or have a simply designed and compact system to fit into a small space in your home.

4.  Propane is unsafe

Some people worry about using propane because they’re worried that it’s unsafe, but residential propane heating systems are just as secure as your other leading heating systems. Leaked liquid propane vaporizes and dissipates into the air. With models that come with automatic fuel shut-offs and leak alarms, you’ll be prepared for any emergency situation.

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