4 Reasons You Might Need a Propane Delivery Service

Home propane use is on the rise, but many home owners still aren’t sure if they need propane or a propane delivery service. You might be surprised. Here are four reasons propane might be the right fuel for you:

1.  If your home is remote – Whether your vacation house, cottage, hunting cabin or year-round home is in a rural area, you may find that it is impossible or extremely expensive to have utilities installed to provide conventional heat. For houses you use for only part of the year, using gas and electric utilities can be a waste of money, as you have to pay a monthly fee even in the months you are not using them. Propane solves those problems by allowing you to easily provide heat and power without having any utilities installed—and without any monthly bills. A propane delivery service can typically reach even the most remote rural areas.

2.  To heat any home – Even if you live in the heart of a city or in the suburbs, propane can be a great choice for heating your home. Propane is an extremely cost-effective fuel compared to natural gas, and if your home is heated by propane, you can cancel your gas bill.

3.  For cooking – Many people prefer a propane powered stove for a variety of reasons. Like a gas stove, it gives you the power and control of a real open flame on the range. If your home currently has an electric range stove and you’re thinking of switching to natural gas, think again—it can be incredibly expensive to run a new gas line to your kitchen. But installation of a propane stove is typically inexpensive and easy, and with a propane delivery service, you’ll never have to think about refilling.


4.  So you’ll never run out of power – This is perhaps the top reason that so many people want a propane delivery service. You can switch to a single small propane generator as soon as the power goes out, meaning that you never have to worry about blackouts again. This is great not only for convenience, but also for safety, allowing you to keep phones charged and communications running during a severe weather emergency. Where diesel-powered generators are loud, dirty, and require trips to the gas station, a propane delivery service means you always have the fuel you need for your generator.

Do you have a propane delivery service?

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