5 Tips to Becoming a True Grill Master

Nothing says summer more than relaxing outside with friends and family and grilling up your favorite foods. If you love hosting barbeques, why not hone in on your techniques and become a grill master? Like perfecting any other skill, becoming a grill master takes patience, quality tools, knowledge, tasty recipes, and plenty of practice, and it doesn’t just happen overnight. Today the GasTec team provides a definitive guide to grilling and five tips to take your cooking skills to the next level.  

How to Become a Grill Master

A grill master is an expert on the basics of grilling. From cleaning the grill to making recipes truly their own, they know the essentials like the back of their hand. One thing that would never happen—they would never run out of propane before a BBQ! 

Get the Right Tools

The right tools will be the difference between subpar sustenance and incredible eats! Your time spent running the grill will be more pleasant, and your results will be more professional with grill tools that do the job simpler, faster, and better. Grill tool necessities that every grill master should have in their repertoire include tongs, a spatula, a grill grate brush, sheet pans or a griddle plate, a grill plate, a thermometer, and a basting brush. Simple gadgets, like front and end shelves, will make your workspace more convenient and turn your outdoor grill station into more of a commendable cookhouse.

Create the Perfect Recipe

Now that you have the tools to whip up a delicious meal, you need an equally tasty recipe to wow your guests. Whether you create your own blend of spices or experiment with bold new flavors, a little creativity will make a big difference in taste. A true grill master understands which flavors go together and how heat affects the food. 

Understand the Food You’re Cooking 

Grill masters know to leave the food alone once it hits the grates. Although certain foods need rotating occasionally, don’t overdo it! It’s also vital to remember food safety techniques. You know that steak should be brought to room temperature before grilling, but do you know how to do this safely? A good griller is always aware of food safety and handling, so the meal comes out great. 

Learn How to Clean

A cleaner grill means more delicious food, so keep your grill clean and free of caked-on grease and charred bits of food. Not only will your food taste better, but caked-on grease is a fire hazard that could ruin your BBQ. After each use, ensure the grates are hot, pour some vegetable oil on them, and give the grates a deep clean with a grill brush. 

Always Have Propane On Hand

A grill master always has enough propane on hand! And when they do run out, they know that GasTec offers BBQ tank refills available for walk-ins or delivered straight to your door if you run a restaurant or commercial kitchen. 

GasTec’s Guide to Grilling 

With our grilling guide, you can hone your skills and become the ultimate grill master! As mentioned above, true grill masters never run out of propane, but if you find your tank running low, contact GasTec! We take pride in providing our customers with top-quality propane services. That’s why we are now offering walk-in fills for small tanks! Tank sizes include 20lb BBQ tanks, 30lb Cylinders, 33lb Cylinders (Forklift tanks), 40lb Cylinders, 60lb Cylinders, 100lb Cylinders, and RVs, motor homes, and campers are welcome too. Stop by today for your propane fills! 

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