6 Advantages of a Residential Propane Service

When you live in a rural or suburban area, it can be hard to choose how best to heat your home. These days, more and more people are switching to a residential propane service—and not only for the convenience it provides. Propane offers substantial advantages over other energy sources, including:

1.       No more chopping wood

Many homeowners who switch to a propane furnace still like to light up a traditional fire in the fireplace now and then—it’s a relaxing, social experience. But if you’ve ever relied on a wood burning stove or fireplace for your heat, you know there is nothing relaxing about chopping large volumes of wood and constantly stoking up the fire. A residential propane service means heating your home becomes hassle-free.

2.       No more messy fuels

Many suburban and rural homes use furnaces that burn fuel oil. Aside from being inefficient, fuel oil is messy, heavy, and toxic. If it’s spilled, it will pollute your land and your groundwater. Propane is a non-toxic and harmless alternative. A leak is easy to detect because it has a distinct scent. It’s also safe and a lot easier to work with than oil.

3.       Save money

Propane homes are more efficient than electric homes and propane heating offers serious cost savings. One of the nicest things about switching to a reliable residential propane service is seeing how much less you spend over the course of a year on your energy costs.

4.       Get tax credits

Not only is propane more efficient, it’s also greener than fuel or electricity, and like many green choices that means there are tax credits available. Depending on your location, both local and state tax incentives may be available.

5.       Stronger heating

Money aside, the biggest thing most homeowners want out of their choice of heating system is simple: reliable, strong, toasty warm heat. Propane furnaces deliver, putting out more degrees of heat than equivalent electrical units. Propane offers pleasantly conditioned air, efficiently, almost as soon as you turn on the heat.

6.       Add more heated space

Another benefit of having a propane-based heating system is that it’s easy to add on a propane patio heater which can turn a screened porch, garage, rec room or three reason room into additional heated space. That can be useful on a temporary basis (like while you work on the car or when hosting a party) or for ongoing use.

Are you considering switching to propane? What do you want out of a residential propane service?

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