Advantages of Switching to Propane

beige tank provided by propane companies in PA There are many propane companies in PA and, as more homeowners choose propane, chances are good that you know at least a few people who use it in their home. But if you haven’t made the switch yourself, you might wonder what makes propane better than powering your home entirely by electricity or natural gas. There are many answers.

Propane can be used in many ways in the home: it can be used only for home heating and hot water, for your cooking gas in your stove, or to fuel your fireplace. You can choose to use propane for all of these applications or just some of them. No matter what you use propane for, it comes with advantages. These advantages include the following:

1.  Highly affordable – Propane is simply a cheap, affordable energy source. For heating purposes, propane typically costs about half as much as electricity per BTU. That means you could save 50% in heating costs on a given space. Propane fireplaces are also cheaper to operate per hour than their wood-burning equivalents.

2.  Energy efficient – Propane heaters and appliances tend to run very efficiently. Propane heats water and air quickly, meaning that you can bring your house up to temperature faster and with less energy expenditure. You can also expect your propane water heater to recover a full tank of hot water within about 20 minutes, using less energy to do so than an electric water heater.

3.  Warmer in the winter – Propane heating systems simply keep your house warmer and cozier than electric ones. A propane heating system puts out hotter air than an equivalent electric heat pump system.

4.  Delivered to your home – Many people worry that switching to propane means having to go get tanks refilled. With larger tank sizes and contracts, however, this is simply not the case. You can expect your propane company to come top off your tanks for you—either forecasted based on weather and your usage or on an “as needed” basis, though the former is more common.

5.  Made in America – Propane is largely produced right here in the Unites States, meaning that you support the American economy and help us reduce our dependence on foreign energy.

These are just a few of the reasons that so many people have made the switch to propane. A propane household can be greener, cozier and more cost effective. Are you considering switching to propane? If so, call or contact us at GasTec today!

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