The Benefits of Using Propane in Your Home

propane tankWhen it comes to choosing how to heat your home, there are so many options that it can be dizzying. How would you even begin to narrow the field? When reviewing the available choices, however, one thing will quickly become clear: propane has a lot of advantages.

Wait . . . propane? You mean that stuff that your dad always used for the grill? Yes, that stuff. Propane is used for more than just barbecues; it’s used for heating homes, pools, and stoves, running generators, and much more. If you’re still wondering what makes propane better than other heating options out there, then we’ve got answers for you. Here are some of the key benefits of propane:

It’s Efficient

When looking at the initial numbers, you might think that oil is the cheaper option; however, propane actually provides more energy than oil when you factor in unit efficiency, maintenance, and cost per gallon. The truth is that propane involves next to no maintenance, costs less to buy, and is less likely to suffer from system malfunctions, all of which are great reasons to opt for propane.

Most of it is Sourced Here

The vast majority of the propane that is used in this country is from here, which is financially beneficial for a lot of reasons. For one thing, domestic sourcing tends to keep the cost of the substance lower for you, the customer, as it doesn’t have to be imported. Secondly, if you are the kind of person who likes to buy American in order to help fuel our economy and provide jobs for your fellow Americans, there’s nothing better than propane!

It’s Environmentally Friendly

Propane also happens to be a lot more environmentally friendly than other power sources. The gas burns hotter and more efficiently than oil, leading to 30% lower emissions. In addition, because propane comes in a gas form it can’t pollute your groundwater or soil if there is a leak. This can save you some major cleanup headaches down the line.

It’s Easy to Store and Transport

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of propane is that it can be easily stored and transported. Propane can be liquefied at -44 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it safe to move. What makes the substance even more unique is that if pressure is applied to its container, the propane will remain in liquid form even when exposed to higher temperatures. This trait is one of the many characteristics that make propane delivery service so reliable for all of your heating needs.

All of the above characteristics combine to make propane one of the most cost-effective home heating options that you will ever have. Call or contact us at Gas Tec today and see how propane can work for you!

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