Brace Yourself, Summer is Coming

As the snow melts and spring finally begins to settle in, it’s time to break out the power washer, dig out the patio furniture, and get ready for those sweltering kick back days of summer.

Here’s our advice for creating an inviting area that can be enjoyed all throughout the spring and summer seasons.

Start a Garden

While having a lavish greenhouse isn’t necessary, having a small garden can be a key aesthetic factor in livening up the atmosphere of any outdoor area.

More importantly, gardening is healthy for you. This socially acceptable form of playing in the dirt is known to relieve stress, while working outside in the sun has been known to alleviate symptoms of depression.

Being able to cook with ingredients you’ve grown also allows you to control and limit the kinds of chemicals and pesticides that are added to you food.

Aside from the aesthetic and medical benefits of adding greenery and color to your back yard patio, growing fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, basil, and other edibles and herbs has the added benefit of bringing both flavor and pride to your summer barbeques.


Get yourself a grill

In today’s health-conscious world, grilling foods is one of the most acceptable and beneficial ways to prepare an enormous variety of meals without feeling pigeonholed into an overly restrictive dietary mentality. The benefits of grilling outweigh most other forms of household cooking. For example, marinating meat before grilling is known to dramatically decrease the presence of cancer causing chemicals in cooked foods.

Gas grilling also allows for more fine-tuned control of heat distribution, which makes it perfect for the health-conscious cooking style known as “slow and low.” Take the time to research gas distributers in your area, as propane suppliers in PA and various other states might offer different kinds of services depending on your grill (commercial, private, industrial, etc.).

Maintain Patio Furniture

Different kinds of patio furniture require different care and maintenance. Always make sure the furniture you invest in is solid and sturdy, then clean and test it regularly — nothing spices up a get together quite like someone falling backwards out of the plastic chairs you picked up at the dollar store.

When not in use, all patio furniture should be kept covered or in a storage unit or garage. This ensures protection from damage caused by the elements and local wildlife. It will extend the life of your patio furniture for years to come and will reduce overall clutter in the festive space you are attempting to furnish.

Before setting up any tables, chairs or umbrellas, make sure any damage caused by weather or wear is repaired, or the items replaced.

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