Don’t Rely on Our Propane Services in Burlington County? Consider These Tips in Case of a Heating Emergency

Propane Services in Burlington County

Although we may be blessed with the occasional spring like day in Burlington County, we are still very much experiencing the dog days of winter. We take great pride in our propane services in Burlington County, New Jersey keeping the great residents warm during the most frigid nights. It’s why we offer emergency heating services should anyone experience an issue with their heat. This post will touch on important steps to take in case of a heating emergency. Consider these tips:

1. Layer Up

It’s the most obvious step, but it’s also the most important. Gather the family and grab all the warmest clothes and blankets throughout the house. Sleeping bags can prove very resourceful in a pinch. Wool socks and thermal underwear are great additions, but they can be supplemented with extra layers. It’s vital to note that a winter hat, which covers your ears, will be much more beneficial than your favorite baseball hat.

2. Choose a Warm Room

Decide on one room where it’s easiest for everyone to hang out together. The designated warm room should be kept as closed off as possible from the rest of the house. Vents, windows, and doors to other areas should be covered with blankets. A well-insulated room can maintain a comfortable temperature much longer than other rooms in the house. Ideally, the room that is chosen should be a suitable place to sleep as well. During the day, you’ll want a room that allows the sunlight in naturally. Be sure to cover the floors with blankets as heat can often escape via the floors.

3. Have an Emergency Heating Kit Ready

There are heat packs and hand warmers on the market that are built to last. Having an emergency kit featuring these products can come in handy in case of a heating emergency. Try not to use them immediately. If you’re trusting the experts at GasTec, you won’t be without propane for long. However, if you are experiencing a power outage from a storm, you may be without power for days. Try to hold off if possible before breaking out the handwarmers.

If you’re not currently a GasTec customer, we would highly recommend making the switch to our propane services in Burlington County. Our experts act fast to ensure low propane tanks are filled and ready to provide reliable heat for our customers. To learn more about our propane services in Burlington County and beyond, be sure to reach out to our experts at 1-888-449-3585.

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