Everything You Need to Know About Heating Your Pool

Summer is starting to wind down and before we know it, the cooler temperatures will be moving in. If you are a pool owner, the fall unfortunately isn’t always optimal for swimming. However, more and more people are investing in pool heaters so they are able to utilize their investment for more months out of the year. Propane pool heaters are the most popular system for heating pools due to its cost-efficiency and convenience. For example, if you ever run out of the propane, all you need to do is call a propane delivery service so that you can continue to heat your pool hassle-free.

Here is everything you need to know about heating your pool:

  • The pump draws in water through a filter and then passes it along to the propane fueled heater. The water is then transferred back to the pool where it circulates, rising the water temperature. Regardless of the weather or outside temperature, propane pool heaters can maintain a desired temperature.
  • Propane pool heaters are known for heating the temperature of the water both efficiently and quickly. It doesn’t take long at all before your pool is set at your desired temperature.
  • Choosing the size of your pool heater is determined by the surface are of the pool, the difference between the temperature of the water, and the average air temperature. For example, if you are installing a heater in an area where there is higher wind speeds and low humidity, you will need a larger heater.
  • Swimming pool heaters are rated according to their BTU output, which stands for British Thermal Units. 1 BTU heats the temperature of 1lb of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. In essence, the more BTUs that a pool heater is able to produce, the faster it will heat your pool.
  • In order to avoid problems with your pool heaters, you should always monitor the pH levels of your pool. PH levels that are too low will cause corrosion and pH levels that are too high will cause mineral deposits that can clog the plumbing in your heater.
  • Make sure that your pool heater is installed after you install a filter system, but before you add any chemicals. This will ensure that the heater is exposed to only clean water.

Now that you know the facts, it can be easy to see why so many people are opting to invest in a pool heater and utilizing their local propane delivery services. If you’re looking for industry experts to heat your pool this summer and fall, be sure to contact GasTec today at 1-888-449-3585.

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