GasTec Discusses Why Now Is the Perfect Time To Refill Your Propane Tanks

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It’s that time of year again; winter has officially arrived on the East Coast. Last week, the first snowstorm of the season dropped between 6 to 31 inches on towns across the state of Pennsylvania, causing state-wide travel restrictions. In response, Pennsylvanian families have now started to gather winter essentials to better prepare for any future snowfalls. GasTec, the primary propane company of Chester County, PA, encourages local residents to purchase their propane before a snowstorm prediction in order to avoid limited supplies. Below, GasTec will discuss some of the reasons Pennsylvanians should stock up on propane early in the season and the many uses of propane during the winter months.

Gas Fireplace

Ask any Chester County, PA resident, and they will tell you that a fireplace cannot be underutilized during the cold winter months. In recent years, many Pennsylvanians have made the switch from a wood-burning fireplace to a gas fireplace to more efficiently heat their homes. GasTec recommends that families who heat their homes primarily through their gas fireplaces to go to their local propane supplier early in the season and purchase enough propane for 3-4 weeks. This will ensure homeowners have enough propane within their supply to last through a severe snowstorm.

Hot Water Heater

In the summer months, cold showers can be an excellent way to start your morning. However, after November, the number of people who would prefer a cold shower to a hot one becomes significantly reduced. To guarantee hot showers in the winter months, owners of propane-fueled hot water heaters should have extra canisters of propane available in the event of heavy snowfall or travel restrictions.

Hot Tubs

Since the beginning of COVID-19, numerous families across the US have started to utilize unused outdoor space in an effort to add much needed square footage to their homes during the stay at home orders. Families have done this by renovating their backyards, adding outdoor kitchens, refinished decks, and even hot tubs. Hot tubs are an excellent way to comfortably enjoy the great outdoors throughout the summer and winter months. For the many families in Chester County who have purchased a hot tub this year, GasTec recommends keeping a separate supply of propane handy. By doing this, homeowners can ensure enough propane for hot tub use without taking from their essential propane supplies.

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