GasTec Discusses Outdoor Dining and Propane Patio Heaters

An unexpected result of social distancing regulations has been the rise in popularity of outdoor dining. Since restaurants first started reopening, many people have made a habit of dining out to break from the monotony of staying indoors. However, now that the colder months have arrived are people willing to retreat back inside? GasTec, a prominent Pennsylvania supplier of propane, believes outdoor dining can continue if restaurants invest in proper outdoor heating.

Patio heaters are a great alternative to expensive heating systems. Propane patio heaters are known for their heat output, and on average, they can release eight times as many British thermal units as electric heaters. Often made from aluminum, propane patio heaters are known to be lightweight and easy to move and store. While many propane patio heaters are weather-resistant, some upkeep is required. As propane patio heaters create fire to generate heat, some heater parts may need to be cleaned or replaced annually. Below are the most recommended propane patio heaters for the 2020 winter seasons.

Mushroom Top Propane Towers

Mushroom top propane towers are the most common propane patio heater, most likely due to the large amount of heat they put out. This style of propane heater is most popular for restaurants or bars looking to heat a large area of outdoor space. Mushroom top propane towers contain its flame within the top section of the tower and use its cap, or mushroom top, to deflect the heat downward. The one disadvantage of choosing the mushroom top is its maintenance.  Due to their larger heat output, mushroom tops require more cleaning and safety precautions than other towers such as the pyramid style tower.

Pyramid Style Propane Heating Towers

While many pyramid style heating towers give out a slightly lower heat output than mushroom top towers, the pyramid is an excellent option for those looking for safety and style. Many popular pyramid models have ideal safety precautions, such as an automatic off switch in the event the tower is tipped. Another precaution of the pyramid is the glass tube design, which contains the flame at the tower’s center. This also helps to distribute heat evenly and keep guests from feeling too much heat in one area.

Propane patio heaters require upkeep and replacement of their propane tanks. Replacement is sometimes as frequent as much as once a week, depending on usage. GasTec understands refueling your propane tanks can be a difficult process, especially if your propane tank is within the 20lbs class. This is why many restaurants and bars take advantage of GasTec’s cylinder exchange programs. GasTec is known within the tri-state area for its easy pick-up and drop-off system, which helps restaurant and bars keep their customers warm and happy throughout the winter months.

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