GasTec Discusses Questions to Ask Yourself Before Installing a New Gas Fireplace


There are many winter traditions that Warren County, New Jersey, families look forward to each year, including ice skating, building snowman, and curling up in front of the fireplace. However, not every home in Warren County comes furnished with a working fireplace which means each winter, hundreds of residents must install their own fireplace. As the top provider of propane services in Warren County, New Jersey, GasTec has extensive experience related to gas fireplaces and understands the many facets of fireplace ownership. For this reason, Warren County, New Jersey, propane services provider GasTec encourages local residents to consider the following before installing a gas fireplace this year.

Direct-vent fireplace or Vent-free?

Direct-vent fireplace – Direct-vent fireplaces draw in outdoor air through a dual vent system before expelling it back outside. This allows homeowners to install a gas fireplace without using a conventional chimney. Direct-vent fireplaces allow gas fireplaces to be installed in nearly any room in the home, as they can be vented through the roof or side of the home without an existing chimney.

Vent-free fireplace — As expected, vent-free fireplaces are gas-burning fireplaces that do not incorporate a vent within their design. These fireplaces use catalytic-converter technology, similar to exhaust systems used in new cars, which cleans hot air and allows the fireplace to function within the home without a chimney or venting system. This option is often sleeker in its design and looks similar to a plasma screen TV.

How Much Heat Do you Need to Cover a Specific Area? 

Some homeowners are concerned about whether or not a gas fireplace will put out enough heat to cover their large family room or dining room. Luckily, gas fireplaces are highly efficient and, on average, emit 40,000 BTUs, more than enough to heat the average family room. Additionally, if a family is looking for less heat, there are many high-efficiency gas fireplaces available on the market that can emit between 12,000-40,000 BTU, or enough heat to keep a small room warm. Additionally, if a family is looking to use a 40,000 BTU fireplace at half capacity (20,000 BTU), it will cost less than a dollar to operate!

Where Would You Like to Install Your Gas Fireplace? 

One of the first questions homeowners often ask themselves is where they should install their gas fireplace. While this is an excellent question, it is not as complex as many may believe. Since no combustion takes place within a gas fireplace, fireplaces can be installed in nearly any wall within the home. The inner and outer shell construction allows for maximum heat insulation, meaning families can install a gas fireplace in any wall within their home, including combustible walls. Whether you would like a gas fireplace installed beneath a window, tv, or within your bathroom, choosing a gas fireplace means you are not limited in the location of your new fireplace!

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