GasTec Discusses the Differences between a Gas-Heated and Electric-Heated Hot Tubs

Delaware County Propane

Since the beginning of COVID-19’s social distancing and stay-at-home orders, families across the country have looked for new and exciting ways to enjoy their time at home. In recent months, households throughout Delaware County, PA, have gained attention from their county neighbors for their inspired solution to stay-at-home boredom, hot tubs. GasTec, a provider of propane services in Delaware County, PA, has noticed the increase in customers seeking additional propane for their gas-heated hot tubs and hopes to encourage other families to enjoy the outdoors safely this winter. For families residing in Delaware County or other Pennsylvania counties who are considering purchasing their own hot tub, GasTec will discuss the various nuances between the two most common types of hot-tubs, gas-heated and electric-heated.

Gas Hot Tub Heaters:

Powered by propane or other natural gases, gas hot tub heaters are frequently used for free-standing wooden hot tubs, portable spas, and in-ground spas. The original hot tub heater, for years gas has heated not only hot tubs but pools and jacuzzis as well. Before the 1970s, hot tubs could not be heated at all times, but instead were heated on-demand and later insulated with a spa top. Today, there are numerous reasons that people elect to have their hot tubs heated by gas. One of the most cited reasons for choosing a gas hot tub heater is low operation costs. Not only has propane become increasingly affordable in recent years, but it also produces more British Thermal Units (BTU’s) than natural gas. Another popular reason for choosing a gas hot tub heater is the speed at which it can heat the water. On average, a hot tub gas heaters can add 1-2 degrees per minute, whereas electric heaters can take almost an hour to raise the temperature of the tub a few degrees.

Electric Hot Tub Heaters:

During the late 1970s, when portable hot tubs were first introduced to the market, manufacturers designed the electric hot tub with plug-in appliance capabilities in mind. They wanted to create a simple, low maintenance hot tub that would be able to be controlled through a controller system. While they were able to create a low maintenance machine, there are several less desirable attributes to electric hot tub heaters. Electric hot tubs are frequently reported to have lower overall operational costs than their gas-heated competitors. However, depending on the customer’s location, climate, and price per kilowatt-hour, this may quickly change. This problem is especially true for electric hot tub owners located in colder northern climates, who frequently find poor insulation can significantly impact their heating costs.

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