GasTec Discusses the Relationship Between Lehigh County Industries and Propane

propane lehigh county

First settled in 1730, Lehigh County has quickly become of the East Coast’s fastest-growing counties and a hub for Pennsylvania industry and business. With a GDP of more than 41.2 billion throughout Leigh County and the Lehigh Valley area, today, Lehigh County is home to more than 10,000 businesses and a variety of nationally recognized brands and industry leaders. Lehigh County’s excellent transportation infrastructure, available commercial properties, and proximity to major Pennsylvanian cities have allowed Lehigh businesses to grow and successfully penetrate the national market. Since the 1950s, GasTec, one of the leading providers of propane services in Lehigh County, PA, has remained a constant supplier to Lehigh County businesses and watched industry development within the area. Today, GasTec will discuss how propane has helped Lehigh County’s manufacturing businesses and its future in the continued growth of Lehigh County’s transportation sector.

Propane Services and Lehigh County Manufacturing:

One of the largest industries within Lehigh county; today, manufacturing makes up a total of 18% of Lehigh Valley’s total GDP and employs roughly 34,000 workers within the area. Lehigh county and its surrounding neighborhoods are home to some of the nations leading manufacturers of medical equipment, electronics, and mechanical piping. Propane has long been the favored energy source for manufacturing businesses for its reliability and clean-bearing properties. Propane and manufacturing have long held a collaborative relationship, as nearly half of all propane used by manufacturers is used in the development of plastic, a material used to create most consumer goods.

Propane Services and Lehigh County Transportation and Logistics:

Within the last five years, the e-commerce sector has seen a steady growth of 32.4% year-over-year. Analysts now believe this number will only continue to increase, and by 2024, potentially 19.2% of all US retail spending will take place online. In response to this dramatic shift, many businesses are now seeking new and affordable ways to transport goods to consumers across the country. Lehigh county, one of the prime locations for transportation and logistics companies operating out of Pennsylvania, has risen to the new transportation demand and responded by creating over 10,000 new jobs within the last five years. GasTec encourages Lehigh County transportation fleets looking to lower total costs while reducing emissions to consider the benefits of using propane autogas. On average, propane autogas is between 40- 50% less costly than gasoline and diesel and emits 60% less carbon monoxide than its competitors.

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