GasTec Discusses Winter Home Improvements for Social Distancing

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During COVID-19, many Americans saw the summer months as a welcome change to the monotony of stay-at-home orders. The warmer weather made visiting with friends and family a possibility by utilizing backyard space to meet with loved ones while safely social distancing. Now that winter is officially here, many families across the United States are not ready to go back inside for the winter and use skype for their social interactions. GasTec, one of the east coast’s leading suppliers of propane and gas accessories, has noted within the last month a new trend in propane services. Below, GasTec will discuss the ways people are renovating their backyards to continue to enjoy them throughout the winter months.

Outdoor Gas Fireplace

One of the most popular additions to backyards in the winter months is the outdoor fireplace. A stylish addition to any space, an outdoor fireplace is a great way to gather your friends and family outside in a comfortable, warm manner. When deciding on a fireplace, it is important to understand your options. Outdoor fireplaces come in two forms, gas and electric. Electric fireplaces are generally preferred by people looking for a safe, artificial flame to enjoy. Electric fireplaces are not known for giving off a lot of heat; however, they can be quite beautiful with a wide range of colored flames to choose from. Compared to electric fireplaces, gas fireplaces are an excellent heat source and are a less expensive alternative. If you live in a notably colder climate, a gas fireplace is the way to go for your next outdoor addition!

Patio Heaters

Not just used by restaurants,  patio heaters are also a great way to warm up your outdoor space during the cold winter months. Patio heaters usually are thin towers that expel gas-powered heat over a large area such as a patio or deck. Propane patio heaters typically come in two models, mushroom top propane towers and pyramid style propane towers. The main difference between these two models is the amount of heat they give off and the style of the top section of the towers. Mushroom top towers have a ‘mushroom’ shape that contains a flame and reflect the heat downward. Pyramid style towers contain their flame within the tower itself, which more evenly distributes the heat.  However, while the pyramid patio heaters more evenly distribute heat, their overall heat output lower than the mushroom top heater.

Outdoor Kitchen

For the true grill lover, grilling is not just a summer activity. Many people continue to cook with their grill during the fall, spring, and even winter months. Outdoor kitchens are fully functional during winter; however, it is not advisable to keep the outdoor kitchen’s water supply active during the colder months as it may result in a burst pipe. For those looking to continue to entertain guests outside into winter, creating an outdoor kitchen may be right for you.

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