GasTec Expands Presence with Acquisition of NorthEast Propane and Two New Locations

Bucks County, PA (December 8, 2023) – GasTec, a leading provider of propane solutions, proudly announces the acquisition of NorthEast Propane, a move that further solidifies GasTec’s commitment to expanding its services and geographic reach. The acquisition includes two strategic locations, one in Philadelphia and the other in Willow Grove, both of which will play integral roles in GasTec’s continued growth and service offerings.

NorthEast Propane, the recently acquired company, has established itself as a key player in the propane industry over the years. The company’s specialization in partnering with construction companies has been instrumental, particularly in providing essential heating solutions for temporary heating systems and facilitating various construction processes during the winter months. NorthEast Propane’s extensive contacts and history with contractors and builders have positioned them uniquely in the market. This acquisition marks a strategic move by GasTec to leverage NorthEast Propane’s industry connections and expertise for further growth.

New Locations

GasTec will be retaining and optimizing two key locations from the acquisition:

2190 Bridge St, Philadelphia, PA 19124

  • NorthEast Propane’s Philadelphia location will continue to operate under its existing name, serving as a vital filling station for customers to conveniently refill their propane tanks on site.
  • GasTec plans significant enhancements to the facility over the coming weeks and months, creating a more inviting and customer-friendly environment.

2805 Terwood Rd, Willow Grove, PA 19090

  • The Willow Grove location will transition to GasTec’s branding and serve primarily as a storage depot, optimizing its use for increased operational efficiency.
  • While not as critical for customer visits, GasTec aims to utilize the Willow Grove location for added benefits, reinforcing the company’s commitment to flexibility and adaptability.

GasTec’s strategic vision for this acquisition is centered around building upon NorthEast Propane’s success, leveraging its established relationships and industry knowledge. With NorthEast Propane’s specialized skill set and GasTec’s extensive resources, the combined entity is poised for unparalleled growth in the propane industry.

GasTec looks forward to a seamless integration of the acquired locations, offering an expanded range of services and ensuring a positive impact on the propane industry at large.

For more information about GasTec and its services, please explore GasTec’s website.

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