How to Handle Your Home Propane Supply During the Winter

As winter progresses, the Northeast and other parts of the United States are experiencing colder-than-normal temperatures.  In the chart below, it’s evident that the 2013-2014 Winter is on track to be colder than previous winters.  Because of this, it’s now more important than ever for people with propane heating and generators to know how to keep their propane supply full, secure and accessible.

To understand the importance of keeping closer tabs on your propane supply, it’s important to understand the chart.  And to understand the chart, you must understand what a Heating Degree Day (HDD) is.  After explaining this, we’ll tell you what to do to keep your propane supply maintained in the winter.

What Does HDD Have to Do with Propane Usage in the Winter?

The people we serve with our propane delivery services in Montgomery County during the winter will tell you everything.

The first thing to realize about a Heating Degree Day is that it’s not measured in degrees.  The number is strictly a measurement that gives you an idea of the amount of energy needed to heat your home sufficiently.  The higher the number, the more energy that’s needed to heat your home; and vice-versa with lower numbers.  Also, when the HDD is higher, the temperature outside is always colder.

Looking at the graph – particularly during the first and second week of December 2013 – it’s evident that the HDD is on the rise.  The good thing is: with propane, you’re already a step of ahead of the game in terms of efficiency.  All you have to do now is make sure a few easy things are maintained.

Keep Your Propane Supply Full, Secure and Accessible

To maintain a comfortable home temperature in the safest, easiest way possible during the winter season, follow these tips:

  • For both underground and aboveground propane tanks that are located away from your house, plow a clear path to the location.  If you have an underground tank, make sure its opening is clear of snow.  If you have an aboveground tank, clear all snow off the tank itself.  This will grant you and your propane company easy access to your propane supply.
  • After clearing a path to your propane tank, attach a colored flag to your tank if you haven’t already.  If you have an underground tank, simply stick a flag in the ground near where your tank is located.  This will allow you to easily locate your propane tank after a heavy snowfall and clear a path to its location.
  • Rely on automatic deliveries from your trusted propane company so you always have the energy source you need.  If you don’t have automatic deliveries, call your propane company for refill when your tank reaches the 30%-full mark.
  • Store empty, small tanks from the summer and fall away from ignition sources and call your propane company for pickup.

Act on these tips this winter and you’ll continue to receive the benefits of propane heating, propane generators, and other propane-powered conveniences and equipment.

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