Hot Water 

Many homeowners are moving away from bulky, electric hot water heaters and opting for propane hot water heating in PA. This conversion to a residential propane service has quite a few advantages over the electric counterparts:

  • Propane is less expensive than electric
  • Propane is cleaner and more efficient than oil-fired hot water heaters  
  • Propane allows for more accurate temperature adjustments
  • Propane allows for longer-lasting heaters
  • Propane generally heats water faster

A tankless hot water heater certainly has its advantages over a traditional storage tank hot water heater. Most tankless hot water heaters can heat up to eight gallons per minute, and this equates to a virtually endless supply of hot water for your home. (You also don't have to worry about using "all the hot water" anymore!)

Propane tank for hot water heater

Since no storage of hot water is necessary, there's no giant, 50-gallon tank of water taking up space in your home. In fact, some units can even be installed outside of your house.

Propane hot water heaters also have a longer life expectancy when compared to electric models, and they are less prone to overall corrosion, meaning it is expected to last about 20 years, which is around two to three times longer than a traditional hot water heater. 

Still not convinced? Well, you may want to consider the environmental benefits of propane hot water heaters. By not running continuously, fewer greenhouse gases are emitted from your unit, making the majority of propane tankless hot water heaters Energy Star-ranked.