How to Heat a Home Efficiently with Propane

Propane is a highly efficient fuel that offers an alternative to regular gas for residential properties across the United States. Although certain homes are already equipped with propane tanks, it is possible to modify standard tanks to accommodate propane fuel. Opting to use propane as your primary fuel choice presents an opportunity to reduce your household heating expenses. By taking advantage of summer, when demand is low, and you can often find propane at discounted prices, you can stock up on this fuel and enjoy cost savings.

Why Propane is the Right Choice

Home heating propane produces a higher, more powerful heat when compared to many other fuel types, allowing you to efficiently and rapidly warm your home. Even in the winter, you can often use short bursts of heat to raise the indoor temperature and then turn the furnace off for the remaining hour. This approach not only provides effective warmth but also helps conserve energy in the process. 

Typical systems that use propane heat will last anywhere between 15 and 20 years before you need to replace the unit. To save money on heating costs, you can install sensors that shut the furnace off once they detect the desired temperature. Replace any pilot lights on the device with electronic igniters to reduce energy consumption throughout the entire winter season. Additionally, you can program your thermostat to automatically adjust the system to lower temperatures when you are sleeping or away from home.

Opting for propane heat in your home does come with additional responsibilities as a homeowner. Unlike electricity and natural gas, which are supplied through local networks, propane-fueled homes do not connect to centralized delivery systems. Consequently, if you switch to propane, you will need to contact and arrange propane deliveries on a scheduled basis.

Propane Options

When comparing propane to electric heating, there are additional comfort considerations beyond the escalating cost of electricity. While a standard heat pump can effectively warm your home, you may not experience a truly warm and cozy atmosphere. 

This is because the forced air from these systems typically reaches temperatures of only about 95 to 100 degrees, which is roughly equivalent to our body temperature. As a result, the air can feel cool or slightly lower than our body temperature, leading to a less-than-comfortable sensation. In contrast, a propane system typically generates heated air around 120 degrees, providing a warmer and more comfortable environment during the winter months.

When comparing furnaces of equal efficiency, fuel oil systems produce emissions that are 30% higher than propane systems.

Choose Gastec

Gastec has built a team of skilled technicians, delivery drivers, and a proficient office staff. Our extensive expertise and resources enable us to compete with nationwide propane suppliers. We take pride in providing a personalized “small town service” to our valued clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware while creating strong relationships with our clients.

We take on projects of all sizes, ensuring that no task is too large or too small. We approach every job with the utmost care and meticulousness that defines our reputation, whether it is residential, commercial, industrial, or agricultural. Whether we’re fueling a compact BBQ tank or providing heat to a towering construction site during the frigid winter months, GasTec is committed to delivering unparalleled propane fuel delivery whenever you need it.

Put your confidence in Gastec for your home heating and propane fuel delivery needs, and you will not be let down.

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