What to Look for in a Propane Company

There are many propane companies in Montgomery County and, if you live in the area, you know that competition is fierce. However, some propane companies truly do offer much more than others. Here’s our short list of what to look for in a propane supplier:

1.  Experience – One of the best things to look for in a propane company is simply a long history and lots of experience. All propane companies learn as they grow and those that have been around a while already know how to solve most problems that will arise. Don’t just trust claims of experience—a company’s true expertise will come across in their service, and those who truly dedicate themselves to their customers will have the reputation to back it up.

2.  Pricing that matches the market – It may seem tempting at first to sign a contract in which the price of propane per gallon is fixed, but remember, the actual market price varies regularly. For a fixed-price contract, it’s in the propane company’s best interest to set the price higher than they think the market price will go. The best propane companies will instead update their prices regularly, matching the real market price and thus, often, saving you money. Always ask your propane supplier how they set their prices and how often they revise them.

3.  Flexible plans – There are two main kinds of propane supply plans: automatic delivery or call-as-you-go. Some companies tout one or the other as the best choice, but the reality is that each is smart in different situations. For example, if you use propane for all your home energy needs, then your monthly usage is going to be pretty regular, and the convenience of automatic delivery is a plus. But for, say, heating your pool, your usage will vary a lot and it’s better to check the gauge and call when you need more.

4.  System Design/Installation – In an ideal world, you’d already have the infrastructure you need to start using propane today. In reality, you may need to install a system to make propane your fuel of choice. The best propane companies will offer design and installation of custom propane systems no matter what your needs.

propane tanks

5.  Commercial options – If you’re interested in propane for your business, don’t just sign up with any company. Look for those that have expertise in commercial propane uses, including spot heating, large-scale delivery, setting up propane fill stations, propane autogas, and designing commercial systems.

What do you use propane for? What do you look for in a supplier?

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