Plan ahead this Season with a Propane Fireplace

As the tristate area suffers through yet another heat wave, we cannot help but daydream of fall and winter and all that comes with the temperature relief! The start of football season, the return of pumpkin spice lattes, the many holiday celebrations like trick or treating (if we are lucky this year!) and warming up by the fire on those cool nights! It is hard to believe we will be bundling in sweaters and sweatshirts in just a month or two.

Thoughts of fall and winter not only focuses on the fun stuff but also on “housekeeping” items like, how can we cut expenses and potentially get a break on our increased gas/electric bill that is sure to come during those chilly months! As much as you keep a good check on your thermostat and choose to add a layer of clothing or a blanket instead of bumping the heat up, most people manage to get hit with a few overly high heating bills as we make our way through January and February each year. Although we are currently searching for a relief from the heat, what better time than now to plan for the colder weather that is just around the corner?

One common way to supplement your heating system is to install a propane fireplace.  When comparing propane fireplaces to gas and electric heating or to traditional wood burning fireplaces, there are loads of benefits. Propane fireplaces are known to cut overall energy costs by using a fraction of the BTU’s that other heating sources use. Whether you choose to install a direct vent unit that draws outside air to keep the flame lit or you install a vent free unit that works with indoor air combustion, you are bound to see a break in your budget.

Another benefit of a propane fireplace is that propane is considered a non-toxic fuel. It produces no fumes, particles, or pollutants in your home. There is no soot and very minimal, if any, clean up or maintenance required. By choosing propane, you can be rest assured you are creating a safe environment for your family and helping to keep the planet clean!

Propane fireplaces are also simple to install and maintain. You can convert a traditional wood burning fireplace to propane or you can purchase a new free-standing unit. Direct venting can easily be installed through the wall or roof or you can opt for one of the vent free models. If a fireplace is the only propane source in your home, a small tank can be purchased and refilled as needed. Or, if you use propane for other appliances as well as the fireplace, a larger tank can be arranged to service all sources.  The propane tank can be filled each season or setup to fill on whatever reoccurring schedule is necessary.

When you are ready for a tank refill, give us a call for our propane delivery service.

As you sit by the pool or escape the heat in the comfort of your AC, take some time to plan for the colder temps soon to come. Installing a propane fireplace now will prepare you for the east coast winter ahead! As you sip your latte and enjoy family time around the fire in late January, you (and your bank account) will be thankful that you did!

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