Propane Facts from the PAPGA

If you’re an eastern Pennsylvania resident who receives propane from one of the many Bucks County, Berks County, Chester County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, or Lehigh County propane companies, you might have a few questions about propane and its many applications.

The Pennsylvania Propane Gas Association (PAPGA) is a trade association representing the Pennsylvania propane industry. Many people turn to PAPGA for information about propane and to have their questions about propane answered.

According to PAPGA, here are some of the most frequently asked questions by Pennsylvania propane users.

What is propane?

Propane is an American-made fuel that is more affordable and cleaner that other energy sources. It is usually compressed and stored as a liquid in tanks. It can be used for heating space and water, cooking, and as engine fuel. Natural propane gas is non-toxic, colorless and odorless. However, an identifying odor is usually added to propane that is purchased so that leaks can be detected.

Where does propane come from?

The Marcellus Shale production in Pennsylvania is where propane in the state comes from. Propane is a byproduct of both natural gas processing and crude oil refining. Of all the propane used in American, about 97 percent of it comes from North America.

What are the benefits of using propane?

Propane differs from other crude oil products such as gasoline or diesel fuel in the following ways:

  • It’s more affordable
  • It’s cleaner
  • It’s more abundant
  • It’s domestic

Who uses propane?

Propane is used by many households and industries across the United States. It is used in 48 million households nationwide as well as many businesses for space and water heating, cooking, clothes drying, and generators. Many industries are switching to propane use for their energy needs because it is cost effective and produces lower emissions. Transportation, professional landscaping, and agricultural businesses are just some of the many industries who have made drastic switches to propane.

How is propane distributed?

Propane in the United States is distributed between 56,000 miles of pipeline and about 6,000 retail dealers across the country. Not only is propane widely available, it is also affordable and easily transported.

How does propane contribute to Pennsylvania’s economy?

Pennsylvania’s propane industry distributes propane to more than 190,000 households across the state. Between all of this service, the industry contributes more than $1.3 billion to Pennsylvania’s economy.

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