Propane Stove vs. Natural Gas Stove

Have you ever wondered the difference between a stove that uses natural gas versus propane? Well we are here to give you all the important facts you need to show you why propane can be more advantageous. Natural gas stoves are standard in most homes and seem to be more popular. However, there are many reasons why propane stoves serve as a better option, especially for residents of Bucks County where propane is particularly cheaper than most states. Here are a few essential facts about propane stoves:

  • Propane stoves can be installed in homes in contrast to natural gas stoves. The only way your home is capable of housing a natural gas stove is if there is a gas line in the neighborhood. If there is no line, it can be very costly to run a pipe into your home. In some cases, it can’t even be done.
  • Unlike propane, natural gas cannot be stored in a tank so the quantity is limited to the gas line within your neighborhood. Because of this, a gas stove can only be placed where the line enters your home. Propane stoves, on the other hand, can be wherever the resident desires due to its flexibility.
  • Propane is very safe fuel and is not as flammable as other gases. Stoves that use propane are safer than gas stoves because the fuel comes from a pressurized tank and is a vapor versus a liquid. Also in the name of safety, propane manufacturers have detailed instructions on how to use your stove in a safe manner.
  • Propane is considered a “green” gas and is better for the environment. In fact, it was listed as a clean fuel in the 1990 Clean Air Act. It is non-toxic and is not harmful to water or soil. Additionally, propane stoves are long lasting.
  • Interestingly, the temperature that propane can reach is higher than natural gas. For propane, the flame can go up to 3,614 degrees versus natural gas which burns at 3,254 degrees.

It’s easy to see why more and more people are choosing propane versus natural gas stoves these days. In fact, a lot of people are extending the use of propane beyond just their stove. People are installing propane water heaters and propane ovens. For propane in Bucks County, prices aren’t sky high; it is certainly a viable and safe option.

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