Residential Propane Use Trends, Facts and Everything Else You Need to Know


Industrial and commercial sectors dominate much of the country’s propane use. However, when we look at residential trends, we can see that more homeowners are relying on this powerful fuel.

Below, we discuss some of the most prominent residential propane usage trends in the U.S. These insights will reveal how the average American relies on this fuel source and demonstrate how it plays a role in the lives of those who rely on propane services in Montgomery County Pennsylvania.

Propane as the Home’s Main Heating Source

Currently, around 5 million homes rely on propane to heat their entire properties. Many homeowners go this route out of necessity. When their property doesn’t have access to natural gas service, they need to find an alternative source. It’s convenient for them to hire a propane service to deliver tanks with reliable energy year-round.

Most homes that don’t have natural gas lines are in rural areas. As a result, propane is the go-to choice among those in the countryside and mobile homes. It comes as no surprise that a whopping one-fifth of mobile homes rely on propane tanks.

Propane as a Supplemental Energy Source

When homeowners use propane as their main heating fuel, they need to store a propane tank outside their house. These tanks tend to range from anywhere to 500 and 1,000 gallons.

However, not all homes use propane as their main heating fuel. Some use oil or another source while only using propane as a supplemental energy source.

Millions of people have smaller, portable tanks for tasks such as cooking and powering their backup generators. They even use them for operating appliances in recreational vehicles.

Consumption by Region

We’ve discussed that rural homes are most likely to use propane as their main fuel source. But it’s important to note the regional variations.

The highest numbers of homes that rely on propane are in the Midwest and Northwest. Some areas see rates as high as 18%.

While the usage rate in Pennsylvania is lower, as we discuss later, more homeowners in Montgomery County are deciding to make the switch.

Consumption by Season

Historically, consumption has always been higher during the winter months. This trend makes sense as homeowners need to heat their homes to combat colder weather.

It’s worth noting that the EIA predicts a consumption increase this winter. Compared to 2020, the 2021 season will see a 5% higher usage rate.

More Residents Are Making the Switch

Even though propane prices are not at their historical low, people are still making the switch. Our propane service in Montgomery County has seen that, like other Americans, local residents are willing to switch over to propane to start enjoying the vast benefits.

For instance, they will enjoy lower energy bills as propane burns more efficiently. Residents get the most out of each drop they purchase, meaning their investment in a tank and refills will pay for itself over and over.

Additionally, residents will be reducing their ecological footprint as the fuel burns cleaner than alternatives like natural gas. They feel good about doing their part for the environment and making their community a healthier, safer place to live.

And let’s be honest, cooking on an electric range or in an electric oven is simply the worst. From a faster boil to consistent, predictable temperatures and cook times, propane is a chef’s delight.


Safety Statistics

Some people hesitate to make the switch because they just don’t understand how safe propane is for your home. Truth be told, you have more to worry about with faulty electrical wiring in your house performed by a previous resident who fancied himself a DIY’er than you do with propane. Making the switch to propane with a professional installation team eliminates any safety concerns. It’s particularly reassuring that propane maintains a strong safety record even with more homes using it these days.

Bottom Line: The Increased Usage of Propane

Industrial and commercial sectors understand the benefits of propane well. As residents learn more about the fuel’s power, they, too, are bound to make the switch. Not many homeowners can resist lower electric bills and more efficient heating.

In Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, we’re experiencing this trend first-hand. Like many homeowners, we hope that the increased demand will lead to lower costs. But until then, we can appreciate all the benefits this powerful fuel has to offer.

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