Save Money This Winter with Propane


We all remember the harsh winter we endured last winter. The country saw higher-than-average snowfall and colder temperatures that lasted well through March. Though it’s only mid-fall, winter is just around the corner. With winter quickly approaching, it’s time to think about how you will heat your home during the colder months ahead.

While some sources (like the Farmer’s Almanac) are predicting another harsh winter, a recent New York Times article suggests otherwise. The article reports we can expect a warmer winter than last year, which will result in American households spending less on heating this winter. The U.S. Energy Information Administration predicts American households that heat with natural gas can expect a 5% decline in their gas expenditures. Households using heating oil can expect to spend 15% less, due to the recent reduction in world oil prices. Homes that use mostly electricity can expect to save 2%.

However, propane users are expected to save the most money – an outstanding 34%. This is attributed to the 24% price drop and the 13% decline in consumption.  The Midwest is the most prominent region that uses propane. Homeowners there who use propane can expect to pay $1, 5000 – a savings of $767.

These savings don’t have to be limited to the Midwest. By switching to propane, northeastern states, such as Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, can also save more on heating. Millions of Americans have already switched to propane because it is safer, more cost-efficient and more eco-friendly than heating oil, electricity and natural gas. It can be used to power your heater, as well as your fireplace and appliances. Unlike other methods, propane is not toxic or poisonous, nor does it contaminate groundwater or soil. Therefore, it is safe to bury your propane tank underground.   And, many propane companies in Montgomery County supply propane at competitive prices.

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