How the State of Pennsylvania can Help You Afford a Propane Powered Car


Have you ever thought about owning a vehicle that ran an alternative fuel? As gas prices rise and more people become concerned about the environment, curiosity about non-gasoline powered cars has risen. When most people consider cars that don’t run on gasoline, they immediately think about solar powered or electric cars. The Nissan Leaf may be popular, but it’s hardly the only alternative-fuel car available.

You may not know this, but propane has been used to power vehicles for decades. Many farmers and people in the agricultural business use these vehicles for work, and some car manufacturers have been making propane-powered vehicles for quite some time now. The Propane Education and Research Council estimates that there are over 147,000 propane vehicles in the United States. The vast majority are used for fleet purposes, so a variety of shuttles, police cars, and even school and regular buses run on propane. Many propane vehicles work like regular gas-powered cars and use spark-ignited engines. Propane vapor is drawn into the combustion chamber where it is burned to produce energy, just like gasoline.

Thanks to the Energy Policy Act of 1992, propane is considered an alternative fuel source. Propane gas is clean burning, produces very little pollution, and isn’t even considered a greenhouse gas. Propane isn’t just good for the environment— it’s also very abundant and cheap. Plenty of propane companies in Montgomery County and around Pennsylvania will tell you how inexpensive propane is. Much of the propane purchased in the United States came from within the country, so if you opt for a propane-powered car you’ll have the added benefit of buying American-made fuel.

Are you interested in trying out a propane car, and eventually purchasing one of your own? If so, you are in luck! Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection has recently approved an extension of the state’s Alternative Fuel Vehicle Rebate Program. The state has invested $4.35 million in the program since it was founded in 2011, and it has been extended to last until the end of 2014. The program gives PA auto buyers rebates if they purchase any of the following:

  • a large-battery system plug-in hybrid electric vehicle
  • a battery-electric vehicle
  • a fuel cell vehicle
  • a propane-powered car

If you choose to purchase a propane-powered vehicle, you can be eligible to receive a rebate of $1,000 for your purchase. If you want to take advantage of the rebate you’ll need to act fast, as the state only extended the program to cover a couple hundred more vehicles.

Talk to us at Gas Tec today to find out how to power your personal vehicle or even a fleet with propane!

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