Taking a Look at the Types of Propane Services

Propane is more popular than ever, but you may not believe all the different places it’s used. Propane isn’t just for log cabins and barbeques anymore—it’s a leading energy source and a variety of propane services have become common. Three of the most widespread are the following:

Residential Service

When most people think of propane services, they think of the big tanks they sometimes see sitting outside houses. Many people use propane for their residential energy needs. In some cases, people choose propane for rural or remote homes or seasonal vacation homes, rather than trying to get those homes “on the grid.” In other cases, however, people choose propane even for homes on the grid, because of the many advantages propane offers in terms of energy efficiency.

Propane can be used in many parts of the home: for heating, cooking, hot water, or even as a power source. Propane is an extremely energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly heating and cooking fuel, and generally saves homeowners money compared to the alternatives.

Commercial Service

Businesses have certainly not overlooked propane’s advantages in terms of cost and convenience. Commercial use of propane extends to just about every purpose and scale you can imagine. Businesses that use it for many of their needs often even set up their own propane filling station. More commonly, though, propane is used for several purposes:

  • In restaurants as a main cooking fuel – Propane stoves are often preferred over gas stoves for cost-saving reasons, and other kitchen equipment can use propane as well.
  • In construction sites – During winter months, construction workers can be exposed to extreme cold. Small heaters using propane can be used to spot-heat enclosed areas of a site or create warming stations for workers to take breaks in.
  • Large spaces – Whether it’s a warehouse or a big factory, paying to heat an entire large building may not be economical when workers spent most of their time only in certain areas. Propane heaters for those areas are a perfect alternative.

Propane Autogas

Many people don’t realize it, but there are entire fleets of vehicles that run on propane rather than gasoline—at least 300,000 in the U.S. alone, in fact. Propane is a cheaper fuel source than gas or diesel, propane vehicles get tax incentives because they’re green, and propane puts less wear on an engine than gas or diesel do. It’s the perfect choice.

Does your home or business use propane? How much money could you save if you tried it out?

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