Temp Heating

We know that the last thing you want to do is stop or slow down your project crews, especially during the cold months.  With our Temporary Heating service, we'll be able to help you keep your job running and on schedule.

propane used for temp heating

 We work with a number of different heater companies to assist you in designing a complete Temp Heat system.  Ranging from the small tanks for quick jobs to large tanks for jobs that may last a little longer, we can cover all kinds of job sizes. Whether you're working on a new, one-story ranch house that needs to be kept warm for the drywall and paint to dry, or a high-rise you need temperature controlled so the concrete can dry faster, GasTec can provide you with an affordable plan.




 This propane tank is being used at a construction site to provide temporary heating.  The building is near finished, and while there is no snow, the cold temperatures would have slowed down the building crew, if it were not for the propane service provided by GasTec