The Benefits of Using Propane to Heat Your Pool

Summer is here, which means nice weather, beach trips, and pool time. While your swimming pool is heavily used from June to August, once the fall (and even early spring) weather strikes, many people deem the outside temperature too cold for a dip. But the cool weather does not mean your swimming pool needs to sit unused until next summer. You can continue to enjoy it during early spring and into the fall when you install a heater. 

Generally, when selecting a pool heater, you have two options; a gas-fired unit or an electric heat pump. Although heat pumps typically require less maintenance, a propane-powered pool heater has several advantages compared to others. Below we share the benefits of using propane to heat your pool. 

Propane Pool Heating Benefits 

Once spring arrives, those lucky enough to have a pool cannot wait to take the cover off and begin preparing for the warmer days ahead. Although, if you live in the Greater Philadelphia area, swimming this early will feel a little more like the polar bear plunge rather than a refreshing dip unless you have a pool heater. Enjoy year-round swimming, on-demand heat, and the below benefits when you choose to heat your pool with propane:

Environmentally Friendly

Saving energy and reducing your carbon footprint are the most significant advantages of choosing propane pool heating. Propane is a clean-burning fuel that heats up quickly, and the tanks can easily be refilled and reused. The tank also takes up little space!


Running and maintaining a pool is expensive, so you want to choose a heating system that does not break the bank. Propane has a greater heat output and requires less energy to run, saving you money on your monthly energy bills.


Propane-powered pool heaters are proven to heat swimming pools more quickly than electric heat pumps. Most heaters can raise the water temperature by 30 degrees or more, and they also maintain heat better, regardless of the temperature outside. Propane is more energy-rich than natural gas, so you will ultimately use less fuel to heat your pool.


You have more flexibility with propane heat. These units are typically smaller than electric units, meaning you will give up less space in your backyard. You also receive more control over the temperature when compared to an electric heater. Not only a great option to heat your pool, but you can also use propane for a variety of other appliances like your grill, patio heater, fire pit, and even an entire outdoor kitchen. 

Additional Propane Pool Heating Tips

To select the proper propane heater, you need to consider the size and surface area of your swimming pool, average outdoor temperature when in use, evaporation, and the desired temperature rise. To maximize the degrees added to your water, ensure your heater is the proper size and utilize a pool cover when not in use to minimize evaporation. 

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At Gastec, we are here to make residential pool heating possible for your home! We make installations and service easy for you, offering propane delivery service so you can effectively heat your pool any time of the year. Contact our team today to learn more about propane pool heating or to schedule a delivery.

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