The Many Uses of Propane Autogas as an Alternative to Gasoline

LPG gas cylinders in the truck the engine of which uses the liquefied gas

Since the 1940s, propane autogas has been one of the world’s preferred gas alternatives. In fact, there are about 17 million propane-auto-gas fueled vehicles on the road today worldwide and 300,000 in the U.S. Propane autogas is the most affordable alternative fuel there is and it’s supplied at Camden County propane companies such as GasTec.

Many companies, organizations, municipalities and even everyday people are turning to propane as a trusted gasoline alternative because it is clean, safe, affordable, available and long lasting.

Propane autogas has grown to be the third most common engine fuel choice behind gasoline and diesel. With about 2,500 refueling stations available to the public nationwide, propane autogas is now more available than ever.

GasTec decided to take a moment to examine some of the more common uses of propane autogas.

Private Sector

Because there are refueling stations in all 50 states, propane autogas is becoming increasingly popular in the private sector. Propane can abe used to power person machinery such as forklifts, lawn mowers and vehicles. And believe it or not, converting a light-duty car to propane autogas is about half the cost of converting the same vehicle to compressed natural gas.


Vehicle fleets can include golf carts, limos, shuttles, or delivery vans. And if you own or operate a fleet of vehicles, converting to propane autogas could be a wise decision. Using propane autogas to power your fleet of vehicles will cost less than gasoline, while offering a comparable driving range, according to the Alternative Fuel Data Center. And because propane runs cleaner than gasoline, your vehicles will operate smoother for longer.


Because of the environmental and financial benefits that propane autogas offers, many government agencies have converted their fleets to this clean, safe and convenient alternative fuel source. By switching to propane, the government will increase the lifespan of the engines in its vehicles and reduces overall maintenance cost.

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