Top 5 Reasons to Use Propane This Winter

There are a growing number of propane companies in PA in part because of the rising demand from homeowners. Many people are turning to propane for their heating and cooking needs instead of electric or oil-burning furnaces. So why the switch? Here are the top five reasons people prefer propane:

1.       It’s more environmentally-friendly

Propane companies in PA know that propane is one of the greenest options for conventional home heating and cooking uses, generating far less greenhouse gases than electricity produced at a coal-burning power plant. Because of this environmental advantage, the government encourages the use of propane and there are tax rebates available for homeowners who use propane. And as is often the case, going green with propane also means saving money.

2.       Efficient heating

For many Pennsylvania homes, electrical heating is installed by default—but this is not in the homeowner’s best interest. Electrical heat and is inefficient as are electrical appliances generally. A home that uses all propane-powered appliances will almost invariable see lower energy costs than one with electric. And a propane furnace in general is a huge benefit: not only is it more efficient, it tends to perform better, putting out substantially more heat than an electric equivalent. During a Pennsylvania winter, having the best heat system available is a must—especially when it also lowers your heating costs.

3.       Gas cooks better than electric

The simple truth is that using an electric stove is not fun. The burners take time to heat up, whereas a propane stove provides instant on/off capability. It’s also easy to visually gauge how hot a gas burner is, and gas burners cool more quickly after being turned off, which makes them safer. But the biggest reason people prefer to cook with gas is simple: it gives you better control and a more even heat, leading to better meals.

4.       The tankless water heater option

While there are many fringe benefits to switching to propane, one in particular that needs to be called out is the use of propane water heaters. We’ve already discussed how propane heaters are more efficient than electric, but the most efficient option for heating water is a tankless heater—in other words, one that heats water instantly when you turn on the shower or sink, thus giving you a virtually unlimited supply of hot water. These tankless heaters require gas to work, are more energy efficient than traditional water heaters, and provide the luxury of never having to wait for hot water again.

5.       Nontoxic

Unlike fuel oil, propane is nontoxic and does not harm the ground or your water supply. It is a safe, clean alternative to other heater fuels.

Do you use propane in your home?

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