Understanding How to Read a Propane Tank Gauge

Many propane users are confused when it comes to reading their tanks. Understanding how to read your gauge and how much propane you have in your tank can help save you hundreds of dollars and prevent you from running out of gas. Residential propane is used for several tasks around the home, including heating, water heating, clothes drying, fireplaces, cooking, and backup emergency power. Below we share a few tips on reading your gauge.

Reading a Propane Tank Gauge 

To ensure you always have enough propane for your home energy needs, you must check your propane tank fuel gauge regularly. But, many customers don’t understand how to read a propane tank gauge or where theirs is located. That’s where the team at GasTec comes in—we can answer your questions, ensure you understand your propane gauge, and advise you on the correct way to read it. Not only is this crucial to confirm you always have enough fuel, but it’s also critical for the safety of you, your family, and your home.

50 Pound Propane Tanks

Modern propane tanks that hold 50 gallons or more are typically equipped with a gauge that indicates the level of propane remaining in your tank. To check the gauge, look for a dial located at the top of your tank next to the fill pipe. The numbers on the meter will range from five to 95, and you’ll see a single pointer needle. These numbers indicate the percentage of the capacity of your tank, not the total amount of gallons in the tank. If your tank has a gauge that ranges from zero to 300, that is pressure, not the percentage. Some important things to remember when reading your meter are:

  • The numbers on the meter represent how full the tank is as a percentage.
  • Propane expands and contracts as temperatures rise and fall.
  • Propane tanks are filled to about 80% capacity due to the natural expansion of the liquid.
  • If your propane tank reads 80%, that means it’s full.

Do you know when to call for propane tank replacement versus simply refilling it? If not, our professionals can help! If your gauge reads 30 or lower, it’s time to call GasTec and request a delivery! 

100 Pound Propane Tanks

For 100-pound propane tanks, there is an automatic change over the propane tank level indicator connected between the two tanks. While these tank systems are great units for individuals with relatively low annual usage, no manufacturers make them with a gauge. The indicator between the tanks will help you understand when to fill your tank. This system will draw the propane entirely out of one tank first. When this first propane tank is empty, the flow of the propane will automatically switch and start drawing from the second tank (as long as it’s turned on). At the same time, a window with two colors will change. When the first tank has propane in it, it will show green. When that cylinder is empty, it changes to red. If you notice the red flag, it’s time to request a delivery. 

Residential Propane Services With GasTec

The frequency at which you’ll need to order propane depends on several factors, including: 

  • Number of appliances using propane
  • Size of your propane tank
  • Size of your home

Whether you require something as complex as a propane tank replacement or need assistance with something small, like reading your meter, the professionals at GasTec are here for you. Connect with the team today at 888-449-3585 to receive exceptional propane service for your home or business.

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