GasTec is Now Offering Walk-in Fills for Small Propane Tanks


At GasTec, we take great pride in providing our customers with top-quality propane services. It’s our superior service that has led us to become the region’s best and most trusted propane dealer. We are constantly thinking of more ways to improve every aspect of our services, including propane delivery. That’s why we are now offering walk-in fills for small tanks!

Walk-in Fills

With this new service, our customers can visit our location in Ivyland, PA and fill up their propane tanks right on the spot. Think of it as a gas station for your BBQ tank! No longer will you need to call us or wait for your scheduled delivery day to get propane for your small tanks. Though our walk-in service is only currently available for small tanks, we will soon be expanding this service for larger tanks as well.

Small cylinders that can be filled include BBQ tanks, 33 lb. tanks, and 100 lb. tanks, as well as gas tanks for vehicles that run on propane.  In addition to our convenient walk-in service, customers can also enjoy our other propane services, such as:


Whether you have larger tanks or can’t make it to our store, you can still take advantage of our standard delivery options, which can be customized for your specific needs. Maybe you want to use our convenient, online ordering option, or perhaps you prefer our automatic deliveries.

Installing Your Own Propane Filling Station

In addition to walk-in fills and deliveries, we can help our industrial and commercial customers plan, design and install their own propane filling station. With this option, your employees can fill up their cylinders as needed, resulting in greater productivity and profit.

Not a GasTec customer yet? Visit us online today to get started with one of the leading propane suppliers in PA! For more information about our propane walk-in fills, delivery services or installation, call us at 1-888-449-3585.

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